December 2017



by LMCW™ Creative Services Did you know that nearly 25% of children suffer from vision problems? Children often have a hard time articulating their visual impediments, which is all the more troubling considering that a good majority of their education is visually-based. If you’re de

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Eye Health – How do I Keep My Eyes Healthy?


A healthy body is all the rage these days. We love hearing about the next great workout or the newest superfood, but have you ever thought about your eye health? There are some pretty simple things you can do to maintain good eye health as you grow up or grow older - whether we like i

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July 2017

What type of frames are right for my face shape?

What type of frames are right for my face shape? Glasses

Summertime is here! And with those bright UV rays that we’re enjoying so much, we thought you’d want to know how to keep your eyes protected while also being stylish. Did you know that keeping your eyes healthy isn’t all that we do? Oh no friends, we also bring it in the fashion

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June 2017

Concussion Therapy with Dr. William Clarke

Concussion Therapy with Dr. William Clarke Team

Being in the nation’s capital, our city is lucky to play host to professional sports teams, and national and international sporting events. Go Team! When athletes need help with concussion prevention and vision, one of our Doctors - Dr. William Clarke is on the scene,

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