One of MVC’s finest Patrons-Jamie Fine

We’ve given you some fun personal profiles about the people who work with us, but what about our customers? They’re just as cool - actually, probably way cooler than us. We are continuously inspired by the talented individuals that walk through our doors and to prove it, we’re profiling a long-standing client who is a very talented lyricist and vocalist. As part of a duo - Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine (check out this awesome video here) - that explores pop, jazz, and hip-hop in exploratory ways, Jamie brings the art of music to another level. So let’s get on with the show - presenting, Jamie Fine!  

1 - Tell us about yourself! What you do, how you spend your free time?

I am so genuinely a loner! I love spending time at home! Those closest to me know that if they want to spend time with me- they need to shoot me a text or call me; otherwise...I'm at home writing music! That's how I spend 95% of my time: behind a piano with a pen and notepad, writing lyrics and melodies.

2 - How long have you been a singer and what made you decide to pursue it?

I've been singing for about 11 years, since I was 12 years old. That's when I started performing at school and realizing I could even sing. My babysitter from when I was very young loved reminding me that I used to sing O'Canada in front of my preschool. I have absolutely no recollection of that though! I started recording music when I was in grade 9 - with a long time family friend who had done music forever. It created a great foundation for being in a studio setting.

When I was older - about 20 - I was in a yoga class and they talked about humming and how it was similar to meditating. They said if you’re stressed to try humming because the vibrations in your brain helps calm you down. I realized that humming was something I did all the time. I mean, everybody hums! But I used to get in so much trouble for it! My mom would be yelling at me and I'd be humming without even noticing! I realized that it was something I always did subconsciously to calm myself down - which I thought was pretty cool.

Music has always been the most important part of my life and I'm very lucky I get to pursue it as a career.

3 - How do you stay creative?

I honestly try to experience as many things and as many people as I possibly can. The only real way to get inspired as an artist is to feel things. I've been devastatingly heartbroken and overwhelmed with happiness - both can be translated into music. Every single song I've ever written comes from me experiencing, and therefore, feeling something.

4 - What's the most challenging thing about being a creative type?

I've learned how difficult it can be to have this kind of creativity. As transparent as I can be; in the past year I've struggled a lot with anxiety and depression because of how deeply I feel things and how intensely I need to translate it into something creative. It's also incredibly difficult to explain that to people - especially to those who don't have the same thinking process as I do.

Another difficult aspect is when, what we call "writer's block" happens. It's really difficult to feel a lot of things but be incapable of translating it into your art - in my case music/songwriting. When I feel sad, I want to write a sad song, but if I can't quite find the words, it can get incredibly frustrating.

5 - How do you express your personal style?

If it was more socially acceptable to wear crocs...I'd be in those at every occasion. I'm definitely the "comfy comes first” type. I struggled with my style for a very long time. What can I say; I love my sweatpants and sweaters! I struggled my whole life dressing up in dresses because I was never feminine. I hated going to high end functions because I knew I would have to be uncomfortable. It wasn't until I was about 22 years old when I realized I looked fresh to death in a suit, and now I love dressing up! On a Sunday you can still only catch me in my sweatpants and sweater!

6 - Sunnies or Specs?

I wish I could pull off glasses more but I'm definitely a sunnies gal! I feel like everyone feels a solid 80% cooler as soon as they throw on shades. I love rocking my aviators!


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