Top 5 Tips for Dealing with a Summer Allergy

It’s not all fun in the sun for everyone; for an unlucky few, summertime is the season of itchy, red, eyes watery eyes. Thankfully when the allergy season strikes, there a few techniques you can try to deal with summertime allergies.

1. Change It Up

They might be crucial for helping you see clearly, but your contacts might be making your allergy symptoms worse. The surface of the lenses can accumulate allergens, so it’s recommended that you make the switch to daily disposable contact lenses during peak allergy season.

2. Staying In

There’s no better excuse to stay in than summer allergies. During the summer seasons, you can stay vigilant by regularly checking pollen counts and staying indoors when they’re at their peak. This applies to driving, too; when you’re in the car, make sure the windows are all rolled up and that your AC is on and not drawing in air from outside.

3. Icy Blues

Sometimes it feels like there’s no relief from the red, irritated eyes that come with allergies. Fortunately, using some non-prescription eye drops that have been stored in the fridge can soothe your eyes with some nice, cooling and hydrating action. You can also hold a rag soaked in ice-cold water over your eyes to help soothe itchiness and irritation. For more severe order tramadol over the phone cases your optometrist can also prescribe allergy eye drops to help you through the season.

4. Wash Up

If allergens can stick to the membranes lining your eyes, they can definitely stick to your skin and eyelashes. To make sure you’re not storing extra allergens on your face, try washing your face and eye area with water regularly. Having clean, fresher skin is just a happy little side effect to this easy treatment.

5. In Case There Might Be Mites

It’s not just pollen that can ruin your day—mites and dust can also trigger a nasty allergic reaction. Be proactive by cleaning furnace filters and air conditioners; to make sure you don’t spread any dust around by cleaning areas like the floor with a damp cloth or a mop. Regularly washing your pillow cases and bedsheets will also ensure a clean space for your eyes at night.


It might seem like hassle to have to try this regimen during allergy season, but they’re your eyes, and it’s worth giving them the best care possible. This summer, try a combination of proper eye care and regular visits to a top optometry practice like Merivale Vision Care. If you want to learn more about how to care for your eyes, contact Merivale Vision Care now for a consultation.

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  1. Ernest London on August 17, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    I like that you mentioned to make sure you wash your hands and skin as often as possible. It makes sense that allergens could stick to your body, and you would want to remove them. My son struggles with summer allergies, and I am trying to find ways to make it easier on him. I will make sure he keeps his skin cleaner to see if it helps, thanks for the tips.

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