Workplace Eye Safety and Eye Health

Did you know that 40% of eye injuries in the workplace happen to those that work in construction, manufacturing, and mining? In the United States alone, 2,000 workers suffer an eye-related job injury per day! These injuries can range anywhere from solutions being splashed into the eyes or small surface abrasions all the way to objects entering the eye. The good news here is that 90% of these eye related accidents can be avoided with appropriate eye safety measures.

What exactly is appropriate eye protection? 

  1.     Safety glasses: These are recommended for tradespeople such as carpenters, mechanics, and plumbers. These glasses help prevent damage from airborne materials.
  2.     Safety goggles: These provide the same basic coverage as safety glasses but also create a sealed environment for the eyes. This means that they prevent things from entering around the eyes. These are especially beneficial for those working with chemicals or in a laboratory.
  3.     Face shields: These provide specific protection from many electrical risks. These are used for tradespeople such as welders.

Which of the above would be most suited to your workplace? Come in and speak with one of our optometrists about your workplace specific recommendations. Here at Merivale Vision Care, we have both prescription and non-prescription options for safety lenses and frames.

If you don’t work in a field that can lead to physical trauma to the eyes, you may still be struggling with workspace related issues. Focusing on small print on computer screens for hours on end can cause eye fatigue, strain, and headaches. Here are few tips to deal with digital eye fatigue:

Try following the 20/20/20 rule

Every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break, and look at something 20 feet away. This quick break allows your eyes to relax and also re-hydrates the surface of your eyes. Studies have found that staring at digital devices can reduce our blink rate by up to 50% leading to those frustrating dry, burning, and red eyes.

Place your computer screen 25 inches away

This prevents the eyes from having to put too much energy into maintaining a clear image on the screen.

Reduce glare from your screens

Wear blue blocking lenses in your glasses. Our knowledgeable opticians can can help you select the right blue blocking lenses as well as show you samples to demonstrate their effect at the screen. You can also use an application on your device that adjusts your screen color temperature depending on the time of day. Try out Nightshift on your phone or f.lux on your computer ( and see if your eyes notice a difference.

To discuss which of the above options eye safety options best suits your lifestyle and particular concerns, book an appointment with one of our optometrists. They would be happy to provide you with an individualized plan.


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