Why You Need to Know This Luxury Sustainable Eyewear Brand

Alyssa Beltempo @msbeltempo in Modo sunglasses

It’s a great day when fashionable luxury accessories also do good for the planet. Don’t you just love knowing that what you’re wearing has made a positive social impact in some way?  

As a local slow fashion blogger in the nation’s capital (I’ll be blogging once a month here – stay tuned for next time!), I am always looking for classic, luxury items that I can wear for years to come, so when MVC brought in Modo Line, I got really excited.  

Modo is a super cool eyewear company based in New York that blends minimalism, superior craftsmanship, and progressive thinking. Lightweight, yet unbelievably sturdy materials are used, like titanium and acetate – yielding the most comfortable pair of frames you’ll ever balance on your nose.  

Even better than gorgeous aesthetics however, is Modo’s dedication to being a socially responsible leader in the eyewear industry. For those of you who feel that style and being a responsible consumer shouldn’t be mutually exclusive, here’s why you’ll love Modo:

  • For every pair of frames sold, Modo gives back through their “Buy a Frame – Help a Child See” Program, a partnership with Seva, a global non-profit organization that provides sight-saving services for children in need. Modo has pledged to help 200,000 children.
  • When you purchase a pair of frames from their Eco line, a tree is planted in partnership with NGO Trees for the Future. So far, Eco has planted over 1.5 million trees.
  • Because Modo frames are made with such a high standard of material and construction, your Modo frames will last for years – from a style and quality perspective.
  • The chic minimalist vibe can is easily translated into any situation. In a word, Modo frames are versatile: need to look studious at the office while also nailing your cocktails with friends look? One pair of Modo frames has you covered.
  • Frames are a slow fashion answer to a cluttered wardrobe. Instead of going out and buying a new top that you really don’t need, spice up your look by adding your beloved Modo frames. You’ll instantly feel on-point


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