Our 4 favourite MVC brands!

At Merivale Vision Care we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest fashion and trends but also maintaining classic pieces in our frame collection. 

We asked our highly skilled and awesome dispensers to choose their favourite line and tell us 3 reasons why they love it! Read on to see which one matches your style! 


Natalie’s favourite MVC line: 

Mykita – a modern collection of frames handmade in Germany. 

Handmade Mykita has intricate hinge details leaving them long-lasting and unique.

Why she loves Mykita:  

  1. Mykita has a crisp and clean look with intricate details. Who doesn’t love a minimalist look?  
  2. It is super light-weight and comfortable.This is perfect for people whohave higher prescriptions. Don’t let the light-weight fool you because these frames are made to last. 
  3. Each frame has unique hinges which ensure that the temples willnever loosen.Did you know that our staff had to do extra training since these hinges require special instruments to adjust! 


Janice’s favourite MVC line:  

Garrett Leight – a cool handmade collection designed in Los Angeles, California. 

LA designed Garrett Leight frames that are trendy and on-point.

Why she loves Garrett Leight: 

  1. Simple, minimalist classic design. You never look like you’re trying too hard.  
  2. The beautiful quality with subtle detailing. Just look at those hinges! This Cali collection has both acetate and metal frames that will have people asking about where you got your glasses from.  
  3. I love that frame design is in his DNA. I’ve always been a huge fan of Oliver Peoples and love that Garrett’s design is very similar to his father’s brand. This line is perfect for both guys and girls!


Kari and Franca’s favourite MVC line: 

Caroline Abram – a gorgeous Parisian collection intended for women who want to feel beautiful, exquisite and delicate

The feminine and unique designs of Parisian line Caroline Abram.


Why Kari and Franca love Caroline Abram: 

  1. The line has abeautiful feminine design paired with modernism and fantastic quality. Each frame has a bit of charm, sophistication and glamour! 
  2. The collection has playful colors which makes theman instant showstopper! Not to mention the frame shapes are unique and interesting which compliment all face shapes. 
  3. Impeccable current designs that always bring a smile when our clients try them on.They also have akids line Tete A Lunette which is a perfect pairing for your little ones as well! 


Crystal’s favourite MVC line: 

ECO & Modo – a New York born brand with a focus of an optimal balance of form and function. They are proud leaders in the eyewear industry in social responsibility with charitable programs that include free eyecare in India and planting over 1.5 million trees as part of their one frame one tree campaign. 

Modo’s sustainable and modern design

Why Crystal loves Eco & Modo: 

  1. They are super light weight even when you add a polarized magnetic sun clip-on. You have to try them on to really feel the difference!
  2. Awesome sizing options from petite to large with an array of color choices.
  3. Eco and Modo have a great price point and are made of bio-based plastic. To sweeten the deal, a tree is planted for every pair that is sold! Nothing like a sustainable brand to make you feel good about what you’re wearing!

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