Children’s Vision Month

October is Children’s Vision Month! At MVC we love seeing your kiddos for their eye exams! When it comes to kids eye health, there are lots of facts out there on how important eye exams really are. Here are a few key ones:

  • 80% of children’s learning is visual
  • 60% of children with literacy challenges have un-diagnosed vision problems

Another fun fact for you is that only 28% of kids under 19 have had an eye exam! So, if eye exams are so important, how come so many kids have never seen an optometrist? Well, many people don’t know that kids eye exams are covered by OHIP until they turn 20!

Ontario optometrists recommend that a child have their first eye exam at 6 months old. After 2 years old, routine eye exams should be done annually. If your child was born in 2014 and needs a pair of glasses, a fantastic initiative called the The Eye See Eye Learn program can help with the cost associated with glasses. This program tramadol generic brand provides children with one pair of glasses (frames and lenses) at no cost!

Even if your child has excellent vision, kids eye health is about so much more than glasses. We take time to look at both the inside and outside of your little one’s eyes. Most eye conditions aren’t age dependent! Just like we pay attention to your retina, (inside the back of your eyes) we also have a careful look at your child’s. Our office is also proud to have a wide field retinal camera. We offer this technology to parents of children over 7. It allows us to see a huge amount of the retina that can sometimes be a little tricky to see in our very mobile kiddo’s eyes.

So give us a call if you think it’s time for your child’s annual exam, or if your little one has never seen us before! Bonus perk for the kiddos: come by on Halloween in your costume and we’ll have some special treats! We can’t wait to see you!

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