Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Part 1

We’ve been teaming up with some of our best pals in Ottawa to help you with your holiday shopping! Keep reading for Part 1 of our fave picks for this holiday season from small local businesses in Ottawa! 

At MVC we are always on the lookout for the best and coolest products! Need some ideas for stocking stuffers? We’ve got you covered!

MVC Picks 


For all you tech savvy people you need to check out our Izipizi blue blocking screen readers. Not only do they protect your eyes from harmful blue rays but they're also stylish and not to mention colorful too! If you’ve got a young one to shop for then you can match with them by picking up an Izipizi junior! For more information on blue blocking lenses check out our previous blog post.






Who doesn’t love a good Shark Tank product for Christmas! Look no further because we have Nerdwax! It’s the coolest tool to help your glasses from sliding down your nose. It’s a 100% all natural beeswax based blend of natural cosmetic grade ingredients and is formulated to keep your glasses in place. All you have to do is apply it on the nose pads and voila no more sliding glasses!

To the person who always uses their shirt to clean their glasses, buy them Peeps. Peeps are the best glasses cleaners on the market- they’re actually used by NASA to clean glass! It’s a cloth free cleaner and it is nice and compact. It has a brush and a carbon fiber cleaner. Come try them out-you won’t go back to any other lens cleaner!




Local Picks

From our local pals at Leclair Décor we’ve picked up an adorable item off their gift guide. if you love eyeglasses and mugs as much as we do then the Eric & Eloise Mugs is the gift for you! How could you resist these little woodland faces? Available online here.


Close by in Wellington West is JV Studios – a place where you can find unique Canadian products. This is this perfect place to pick up a gift for someone who wants a one of a kind item. Check out this trinket dish, perfect for jewelry or a steeped tea bag. (Of course it has an eye – super cute right?) To pick up online click here.






Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week to finish up your holiday shopping! 

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