Winter Savings!

Happy new year! We are coming in hot this winter season with an amazing promotion to get you through the winter blues. Read on to find out how you can treat your eyes better this year!


Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it’s officially time to get back to the daily grind. (Boo!) That eye strain you forgot all about over Christmas is peering around the corner again. Luckily your new year’s resolution was to take care of yourself, right?


This winter we are focusing on giving your eyes the much-needed TLC it deserves. Until March 31, 2019 we are offering 50% off specialty lenses with the purchase of a frame.


Have you heard of a specialty computer lens before?  For those of you who wear progressive lenses, this is the lens you want to consider for your workplace. If you are primarily on the computer, this lens gives you a large field of view for the computer screen and also allows you to clearly see the documents on your desk.  


For you Candy Crush order tramadol for dogs tablet gamers and TV watchers we also have specialty lenses that allow you to see your TV screen and tablet comfortably all in one lens! Sometimes you need that ultra close vision. How cool is that? 


When you’re outside on a crisp winter day (or frigid –40 C day), that white snow can be quite harmful for your eyes. Surprisingly a lot of UV damage is done in the winter time. People forget to wear the sunglasses in the winter because they attribute sunglasses to summertime only. Did you know the bright white snow reflects UV rays right into our eyes and causes irreparable sun damage? You need sunglasses all year round! Now is the time to get those prescription sunglass lenses at 50% off!


Come by and let us help you find the right pair of frames and lenses for you. Don’t start 2019 on the wrong foot like Chrissy Teigen. Protect those eyes!

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