Sustainability is So Hot Right Now: Recycling Frames and Contacts Packaging

Hating on plastic is so hot right now.

But aside from sustainability being on trend, there actually is a reason why scientists and governments worldwide are finally starting to make moves in eradicating plastic from our daily lives.

You’ve likely heard the seriously scary statistics about plastic – how approximately 8 million metric tonnes of plastic enter our ocean’s every year, how there are garbage patches bigger than the size of France floating in the deep blue waters, and how in the next decade, plastic in the world’s ocean will likely triple.

But there’s good news, too!

California has banned plastic straws (unless specifically requested for health purposes or restrictions), and over 100 countries are making regulatory adjustments to phase out single-use plastic. Heavy-hitter companies like Parley for the Oceans and Patagonia are changing the course of retail to include “the planet” as part of everybody’s bottom line.

But sometimes, there is plastic you can’t get away from. Like, for example, the blisters that your single use contact lenses come in. Or those cool plastic frames that you wore for a few years until your prescription changed and you needed to get a new pair.

You know what we’re talking about, right?

So we did a little research with our suppliers and found out that the plastic and foil blisters your contact lenses come in are in fact recyclable! We reached out to both Bausch & Lomb and Johnson & Johnson, and as long as you separate the foil and plastic, your contact lens cases will be recycled. Of course, every municipality is different, so check with your city’s website as an extra precaution.

When it comes to your specs and sunnies, we have a donation program where used lenses are donated to the Lion’s Club of Ottawa, so they can continue giving sight to someone who needs them.

We know these are baby steps in the grand scheme of things, but a commitment to being a conscious consumer doesn’t have to start with a grand gesture … it can start with something as small as the packaging of your contact lens containers.

And who knows, maybe it will grow from there?

If you have any questions about our eyeglasses donation program, please let us know!

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