Summer Sale 2019!

Is it safe to say that summer is just around the corner? Hopefully the last of our spring showers are out of the way we can head outside and enjoy the weather! We made it Ottawa – we survived another winter. So, how are we going to celebrate? A new summer sale of course! 

From June 1, 2019 until August 31, 2019, MVC will be hooking you up with some pretty solid deals to get you ready for the summer. 

With the season change, it’s time to switch out into your summer wardrobe. Are your glasses feeling like they also need a refresh into more of a summer vibe? We can help you do that a couple of different ways! 

Take 50% OFF your prescription sunglasses! 

A pair of prescription sunglasses is one of the best investments you can make. With amazing protection from harmful UV rays, while having the ability to see crystal clear, it’s really a no brainer! If you’ve never tried prescription sunglasses, then It will be a real game changer for you. Regular dress glasses are great to have with a clip-on or even transition lenses but why not switch up your style with something completely different and fuller coverage in the sun? Purchase a new sunglass frame and take 50% off your prescription sun lens and see what you’ve been missing!  

Take $100 OFF your premium progressive lenses! 

For all the progressive lens wearers, we haven’t forgotten about you. What are progressive lenses? They are lenses that correct you from distance all the way to near without having a line on the lens (unlike a bifocal). If you have a different prescription for distance and near and you wear one lens to correct both, then chances are that you are in a progressive lens. If you’re not sure what lens you are in then be sure to drop in and we can help! 

Are all progressive lenses created equal? Absolutely not! The best way to explain it is like a car. You can have a very basic car that gets you from point A to B with a couple of bumps but then you can also have a luxury car that gets you from point A to B much smoother without any road bumps. What we’re trying to say is that progressive lenses tend to have distortions on the side. However, when you choose a premium progressive lens like a Nikon Ultimate, then you will have much less noticeable distortions. 

If you’ve been meaning to try progressives or even thinking about upgrading your vision, then now is the time. Take $100 OFF a pair of our premium progressive lenses and feel the luxury your eyes deserve! 

Hope to see you around this summer! 

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