The Only Approved Rugby Goggles for Play!

Can you believe that until now, rugby goggles were not allowed to be worn in contact games? The Italian company, Raleri, was commissioned by the Intentional Rugby Board to create these special goggles for these players. The goggles have undergone rigorous testing and are the only sportswear that are approved to pose no additional risk to the wearers or other players on the field.  

What makes them so special other than they are fully approved for rugby wear? 

These goggles are impact resistant, have anti-fogging properties, and a large field of vision. For those who need to corrective lenses, do not worry because you can also use these goggles! Whether you have an outside prescription or require optometric services, we can assist you in creating a prescription clip-on that inserts into the goggles. 

We are so proud to be one of the first in Ottawa to offer these rugby goggles! For more information on our rugby goggles, come in and visit us – no appointments required for our optical boutique. 

If you haven’t had an eye examination in a while, consider booking an appointment with us. It’s always recommended to have baseline information on your entire visual system especially for athletes of all ages.  When engaging in contact sports there is an increased risk of concussions and if your vision changes it is important to know what your vision was like prior to the incident. 

At MVC we also offer sports vision services. Click here for more information!  

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