Back To School Savings!

Fingers crossed that summer is here to stay, but you know that August sets us into high gear to get ourselves organized for the school year!  

Are your eyes and eyewear due for a back-to-school check-up? It’s always a good idea to make sure that you and your loved ones are seeing as clearly as possible. 

At MVC we are here to help. It’s easy as clicking here to book an appointment online! To help with the back-to-school blues, we have an amazing offer for you starting Aug 1, 2019, till Sept 30, 2019

For every full pair of glasses purchased (frame + lenses), we will upgrade your lens to include a blue light filter for free! Your eyes will be much generic klonopin dosage happier with a new sense of relief. 

What’s so good about a blue light filter? 

  1.  It improves eye strain, but we still recommend that you continue with the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes take a 20-second break while looking 20 feet away. 
  1. It prevents disruption of your sleep cycle, but we still recommend putting away your devices one hour before bed! 
  1. There is a risk of retinal cell death with overexposure to blue light. Protect your eyes and prevent any risk of vision loss in the future. 

What are you waiting for? As Oprah would say, you get a blue light filter, you get a blue light filter and you get a blue light filter! See you before schools back in session! 

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