Celebrities Need Eye Exams Too!

Eye exams are such an important part of our daily lives and celebrities need them too! Read on to find out which celebrities have unique eye conditions.



Mila Kunis

If you’re old enough, you may remember her from the hit TV show, That 70’s Show, or other blockbusters like Black Swan or Friends with Benefits. Mila Kunis suffered vision loss in one eye for several years due to a condition called iritis, an inflammation of the eye. According to interviews, she has since recovered and had to undergo cataract surgery to remove her lens and have an artificial lens implanted for clearer vision.


Fetty Wap

For you hip-hop fans out there you’ve probably wondered why Fetty Wap has a smaller left eye. When he was a young child he was diagnosed with congenital glaucoma, which is rare for children. Unfortunately, doctors were unable to save his left eye, so he was fit with a prosthetic implant. After rising to stardom he has since removed his prosthetic shell which makes his left eye appeared closed.


Stevie Wonder

This musical prodigy doesn’t need his vision to create and perform incredible masterpieces. Stevie Wonder was born six weeks prematurely and had extensive oxygen therapy in the neonatal unit. Sadly, he developed Retinopathy of Prematurity which compromised his vision permanently. Regardless of his vision loss, it hasn’t stopped him from his extraordinary musical career!


Stephen Curry

This sports legend was recently diagnosed with a disease called, keratoconus. It is a degenerative disease causes the front part of the eye, the cornea, to thin and change shape. Luckily in 2019 doctors figured out why his vision was changing and since then he has been fit for specialty lens, scleral lenses, which helps him see clearly again. Did you know we also fit scleral lenses? Contact us for more info!


Kate Bosworth

Who remembers that 2002 summer movie, Blue Crush? Kate was a teenager when she starred in the film and certainly turned heads with her incredible eyes. Kate Bosworth has heterochromia which is noticeably different pigment in her irises, the colored part of the eye. She has one blue eye and one a darker hazel eye. Talk about unique eyes!


Eye exams are more than just vision checks, they are health checks as well. Book online to make sure your eyes are healthy too!

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