Students Add Status to MVC!

At Merivale Vision Care we pride ourselves on having a team that keeps up with the most current information, technology, and practices relevant to our field of eye care. Education is definitely one of our core values here. When you visit Merivale Vision Care you can be sure you are working with either someone who knows their stuff and is a seasoned pro, or someone who wants to become a seasoned pro. You’re one of the lucky ones if you get to work with one of our students!

We believe students add status to our practice and can truly benefit you as a patient. We currently have two Student Opticians on staff. Should one of these lovely humans work with you during your eyewear consultation, you can be guaranteed lots of personalized one on one time. Our students are working hard and are keen to learn the complex art of frame adjustments, matching prescriptions to appropriate frames, and taking accurate measurements to fit eyeglasses correctly.

A few extra minutes working with a student can ensure you are well-fitted with glasses that really work. Moreover, students are supported by Registered Opticians who will help streamline recommendations for lenses, double-check measurements and data entry, troubleshoot, and resolve issues. Two pairs of eyes are better than one, no pun intended! As a patient, you become an integral part of our Student Opticians’ training and can help order tramadol online shape their career experiences based on your personal needs and prescription type. We think that’s pretty cool!

Everyone here at MVC participates in regular continuing education. We learn about all sorts of things eye-related when we attend professional learning conferences, participate in webinars, and hold frequent staff training sessions. Registered Opticians are required to maintain a professional portfolio that is updated yearly, so you know when you’re seeing one of our Registered Opticians, they’re up to date on what’s what. Same goes for our amazing team of Optometrists. Our team of optometrists travel all over the globe to further their education on an annual basis. We are always looking out for the newest technology and studied in eye health to ensure we are providing top care for our patients!

We believe that staff education and student mentorship is an investment in our future as a business, but where that investment really pays off is in the patient experience. We hope that each patient that comes to see us for their eye care needs becomes part of the MVC family and stays with us for the long haul; that you and your family grow with us. As our students turn into those seasoned pros and start mentoring their own, we can make sure that the experience you have with us in the future is just as good, or even better, than it is today. 

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