Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Part 1

Winter season has arrived, maybe a bit too early, but it definitely puts us in the holiday spirit! If you’re looking to do a bit of holiday shopping, then why not pick up some gifts for your spectacle-wearing loved ones! 

Here are our top 5 best sellers at MVC that are either amazing stocking stuffers and definitely unique gifts! 

Bruder Eye Mask

Once the heaters turn on and the air turns painfully dry, our eyes start to feel it as well. Give the gift of relaxation with our Bruder Eye Mask. This amazing moist heat mask is easy to use and provides amazing relief for dry eyes. Pop it in your microwave for 10-20 seconds and then place the eye mask on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes and let the mask work its magic!  

Nerd Wax

Do you have someone in your life that is constantly pushing up their glasses? We have a solution for you! Nerd Wax is applied to the nose pads of your glasses and it prevents the glasses from slipping down the face. As seen on the show Shark Tank, this product is practical and cool! 

Prescription Ski Goggles

Winter has come even earlier this year, so ski season may come sooner than expected. We offer prescription ski goggles in multiple sizes and styles. If you or your special someone is sick of wearing glasses under ski goggles, then let us help you see clearer! 

Izipizi Blue Light Filter Glasses

For anyone who uses a screened device, a blue light filter spectacle is recommended. Blue light filter glasses help with eye strain, eye fatigue and disruption in your sleep cycle. Great for both kids and adults. We carry Izipizi Juniors for petites as well! 

Cat Crap Anti-Fog Cleaner

We have a solution for that instant fog when coming inside from the frigid outdoors. Apply cat crap to both sides of the lenses and clean it off with a cloth and your glasses will not fog up! The name might sound gross but it’s nothing short of amazing! 

All of these gift ideas are available in store at Merivale Vision Care. Come by and stock up on theses items before it’s too late!

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we feature gift ideas from our favorite local Ottawa shops. Happy shopping! 

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