Start 2020 Off Right – Recycle!

Happy 2020 everyone! The ball has dropped, new year’s resolutions have been made and it’s time for you to do great things! Maybe recycling more isn’t something that was on your resolution list but certainly, you can add that to your list. Let us show you how! 

Bausch & Lomb has teamed up with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company, to help reduce waste with a program: Every Contact Counts Recycling Program. Before this partnership existed, all the small blister packs would be discarded in the garbage. For any of you who attempted to recycle them, unfortunately, those little pieces would fall through the sorting process and end up in the landfill! 

Contact lens wearers rejoice because both MVC and WVC have a solution for you! At both our locations we have a special receptacle for you to bring in all your discarded contact lens blister packs and even the contact lens itself. When you purchase lenses with us we will provide you with a bag to store all your discarded contents and you can drop it off at our office. Don’t have a bag? No worries, you can just drop your goodies right in the bin when you stop by. 

So how does the magic happen? 

Step 1: Manual Separation

All non-compliant materials are manually separated from the shipments are removed like cardboard & plastic bags. 

Step 2: Processing

All the collected material is shredded, and the foil pack and plastic is separated by sink-float density processing. The plastic is then melted and processed into small pellets. The metal is smelted and recycled.  

Step 3: Manufacturing

All the plastic pellets are reused to make recyclable plastic products!  

To celebrate Bausch and Lomb’s amazing initiative we have an awesome promotion happening at our store. Until February 29, 2020 when you purchase a one year supply of Bausch and Lomb products: monthly contacts, Ultra, or their daily product, Bio-True, we will include a new pair of Polaroid sunglasses free! (Retailed at $99) 

So what are you waiting for? Do good, feel good and look good! 

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