Hi, Diane!

A few blog posts back we let you know that we have welcomed some new Opticians into the MVC/WVC family! We first introduced you to our new Optician Dave. Second up, another fabulous Optician, Diane! You’ll find Diane predominantly at our Wellington location, but she has been known to moonlight occasionally at Merivale as well (on Wednesdays). Diane has blended in seamlessly from the start and the thing I love most about her when working with her (aside from her vast knowledge base and 34 years of expertise in the field) is her caring way of speaking with patients. She explains things in such a wonderfully caring and supportive tone, and as her patient you truly feel as though you have her undivided attention from start to finish.

Diane is a Licensed Optician in Ontario and was born and raised in Ottawa. Diane takes pride in her frame selection consults with patients, fitting and adjusting glasses and the final products. She aims to help you find the best products for your needs in terms of glasses style and correct fitting with prescription. Diane enjoys working with children and seniors and everyone in between. She’s a people person in the truest sense and always has a smile on her face.

When Diane is not in Super-Optician mode, she loves to get out outdoors, go kayaking, travel as much as she can and spend time with all her loved ones. Diane is a mom of two lovely daughters, Kianna and Natasha. You can often find her cheering them on while they participate in their competitive activities.

We are so happy to have Diane as part of our team! When you come in for glasses and you’re lucky enough to work with her there is no doubt in our minds that she will help you leave our office as seeing and looking your best. Diane’s goal in her words, is to help you be “your best you” when it comes to your eyewear.

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