COVID-19 – We Will Get Through This Together!

Hi All! Welcome back to the blog. What a strange series of events we are living through right now! We are posting today to share with you that we are in your corner while we all hunker down and weather the storm. The teams at OVT, MVC, and WVC truly believe in social distancing to minimize the impact of the virus, while still being available to help those who need emergent eye care during this difficult time.

We want you to know that we are standing alongside our wonderful patients in both service and spirit. Our patients are amazing! Some of you are health care workers making Herculean efforts to care for those who are ill and provide testing for those in need. Some of you work for the government, and whether at home or in the office, you are working on many different things to help directly support our fellow Ottawa citizens and protect us from harm. Some of you are in travel working to bring people from abroad home. Many of you are small business owners feeling a bit uncertain. A few of us at the office have made some purchases and food orders recently to help support as best we can. There are so many of you doing so many different things that are amazing to get our community through all of this. You all rock!

While we practice social distancing, we have a chance to slow down, spend time with our loved ones and get a little quiet. Life sorta handed us some serious lemons, so why not make as much lemonade with it as we can? We highly recommend spending some of this time connecting with people to make sure this sudden shift in lifestyle doesn’t weigh too heavily on our hearts. We support you and truly believe that we will get through this together!

If you follow us on social media you will have by now seen our new strategy to do our part to help flatten the curve and prevent the spread of novel coronavirus in our community. Members of our team are working from home to ensure things are running smoothly while our front line at the office will be there to support you with a smile. We have a small team working 12-5 pm daily (Mon-Fri at Merivale; Mon-Sat at Wellington) to service ocular emergencies, broken glasses, or immediate contact lens needs by appointment only. For a detailed list of what constitutes an ocular emergency and services we are offering now, please see the picture posted above as well as our recent posts on Instagram and Facebook.

We wish you and your loved ones all the best!

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