COVID-19 Phase 1 Changes

Hello again! As of today, we are making small changes with hopes to re-open for normal business to everyone soon! You may have noticed online that we are now taking appointments for purchasing non-prescription sunglasses. As much as we would love to serve everyone for all their eye care needs right now, we are still adhering to strict guidelines by both the Optometrist and Optician Colleges of Ontario.  Read on for FAQs on what we can offer you at this time! 

Q: Can I book an appointment to have my glasses adjusted? 

A: No. We will perform limited adjustments at time of purchase for emergency glasses, but we cannot do appointments or walk in adjustments. When we re-open more as part of the phase we will have more clarity from the colleges and the government about what kind of adjustments and distancing is acceptable. 

Q: Can I schedule an appointment for a routine eye exam? 

A: Not at this time. We are only able to care for patients with ocular emergencies. We are offering Virtual Telemedicine Consultations for all ocular emergencies. In addition to this, virtual care appointments are available for existing patients who have had full eye exams at our locations who require medication refills, contact lenses or in urgent need of glasses. 

Q: Can I buy prescription glasses? 

A: No. Based on Phase 1 re-opening guidelines we are unable to offer prescription glasses (unless it is a true emergency). However, you can purchase non-prescription sun wear as a retail item. Once we are fully opened, we will be able to place prescription lenses in the sunglasses if you choose.  

Q: What constitutes an ocular emergency? 

A: The following conditions are considered ocular emergencies: 

  1. Chemicals splashes in the eyes within the last hour. 
  2. Sudden loss or decrease in vision, or the appearance of a veil in front of the eye. 
  3. Foreign body in the eye, ocular injury or trauma to the surrounding area. 
  4. Sudden onset of halos around lights, especially if associated with pain. 
  5. Sudden onset of persistent or severe pain in or around the eye. 
  6. Sudden onset of flashing lights or floaters. 
  7. Sudden onset of double vision.
  8. Sudden onset of drooping eyelids. 

For more information, check out our previous post here

Q: When will I be offered a Telemedicine appointment? 

A: Our staff is working hard to re-schedule all our patients that have been affected by COVID-19 cancellations. If you are offered a telemedicine appointment, you will receive an email from us with more details. Our virtual care appointments are available for existing patients who have had full eye exams at our locations who require medication refills, contact lenses or are in urgent need of glasses. If you need immediate care via our virtual consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email! 

Q: Can I get my glasses repaired? 

A: That does count as an emergency! Please call ahead at either of our locations and send us a photo of your broken glasses. We will be able to determine if the repair will warrant extra parts and a timeline of when the repair can be done. 

Q: Can I still receive $100 off non-prescription sunglasses in store?  

A: We will continue to honour the discount in-store during our scheduled shopping appointments until the promo ends! We just extended the deal online so if you are looking to purchase online, use the code SILVERLININGS. Don’t forget, for every pair we sell we will donate $5 to Mealshare. These in-store appointments are especially useful if you’re thinking of purchasing online but are unsure, or if you’ve purchased a pair during the sale you’d like to exchange (paying any difference remaining). Give us a shout so we can fit you for a new pair of sunnies! 

Continue to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and on our blog for up to date news. As new directives from the province are announced, we will let you know of any changes. We thank you so much for all your support during these tough times. Our team is working hard to prepare our clinic for our re-opening, and we can’t wait to see you again! 

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