The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Has Our Support!

In case you missed it, for the months of July and August, we have made it our mission to raise funds for The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. How are we doing it at MVC and WVC? For every single purchase of eyewear, we will donate $10 from each pair sold! 

We reached out to The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa to learn more and this is what they had to say about their incredible organization. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGCO) provides thousands of children and youth across the city with a safe space during the most vulnerable hours of the day, and free access to life-changing programs in four key programming pillars that are purposefully designed to drive personal development. They are; Education; Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle; Leadership and Social Skills; and Creative Arts. The Club also runs Camp Smitty to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience summer camp. 
Results continually demonstrate that the BGCO excels at developing positive relationships and building on a broad range of skill development.  

At the Club, we dream of a community where every child is given the opportunity to succeed in life and experience a brighter future regardless of race, religion, social or economic status. For more information about the BGCO, please visit our website:  

To say the least, this summer has been far from normal but at MVC and WVC we focus on what makes us happy and that’s supporting each other. We are so fortunate to have such amazing resources in Ottawa! Interested in supporting this awesome local organization? Call or book an appointment in either location to shop for some new eye wear! 

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