World Sight Day!

World Sight Day is Thursday October 8th !

Did you know that almost 300 million people in the world live with either low vision or blindness? Did you know almost 40 million people are blind and almost 250 million people have moderate or severe visual impairment? Of all the people in the world living with blindness, 90% of them live in low income countries. Moreover, more than 1 billion people cannot see well, simply because they don’t have access to glasses and other eye care services. Health care interventions that work to restore sight, and work to prevent blindness are among the most cost-effective out there, and 80% of visual impairment can be avoided in the sense that it can either be readily treated or prevented with the appropriate measures.

On October 8th globally we celebrate World Sight Day to bring these issues to light, and help close the gap between access to care and the best eyesight possible, for everyone everywhere. For more information on the specific global initiatives to bring these changes to eye care for all, please click HERE.

What can you do to support your vision and that of your loved ones? We encourage you to schedule a visit for yourself and your loved ones – kids to grandparents – with your optometrist to ensure that everyone’s eye health is in the best place it can be. We offer comprehensive health care for your eyes. When you come in for your eye exam the refraction, or testing for the glasses prescription, is only part of the process. Our eye exams, alongside the refraction, also include Optomap imaging for an extensive look at the health of the inside of your eye. We can also link a contact lens fitting assessment to your exam to open as many options for your best vision as possible. Other services in our office include Vision Therapy, retinal scans and visual fields. After your visit with the optometrist, come and see one of our Opticians in our optical boutique to select your perfect pairs to help you look and see your best! Please give us a call to book your eye exam, and help us celebrate World Sight Day.

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