See Clearly this Halloween with your Second Pair

Hi Friends! If you’re coming to see us for some new glasses listen up. We have an amazing second pair offer happening at the moment. When you purchase your new glasses, you can choose a second pair from our curated selection of frames and receive your second pair at $200 flat for progressives (frame, lenses and treatments), or $100 for single vision (like driving or reading including frame, lenses and treatments), This is a great time to plan for some matching eyewear to your Halloween look!! The second pair options are super cool. Why not see well when you’re feeling spooky? Need some costume inspo? See below.

Mad Max

If Halloween (and 2020 in general) has you feeling post-apocalyptic, or if you’re into a steampunk look, top off your Thunderdome style with these cool round specs as your second pair. Grey colours, round shapes, and metal deets have you looking derelict – but fabulous – in an industrial way, and you’ll be able to see what you’re doing at the same time! The shapes and mountings of these frames are also super in-style at the moment, so they will translate well into your wardrobe beyond all hallows eve.

Clark Kent

If Superman is your jam, try these classics, timeless and stately frames to channel the ultimate superhero. They have a thicker acetate mounting to keep you incognito. Not only will these frames truly top off your Clark Kent to Superman costume, but they will also work well with a suit and tie at work, or sweats at home. Order now so you can get your second set faster than a speeding bullet!

Edna Mode

If you want to channel your high-fashion vibe alongside your superhero skills, look no further than these two Edna Mode inspired styles. Oversized, curvy and on the edge of fashion, these looks will see you through Halloween and into your stylish everyday life. To quote Edna herself, your new second pair will “be bold! Dramatic!”

Please give us a call to book an appointment with one of the Opticians in our optical boutique. They will be sure to help you select your new glasses, and a beyond spooky second set. Happy frame haunting…I mean hunting!

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