Feeling Foggy? 4 Ways to Combat our (Un)Fave 2020 Problem: Foggy Lenses

Are you feeling super foggy these days? I mean literally foggy? One of the un-fun side effects of this less than ideal year we call 2020 is the constant nuisance of having the lenses in our glasses fog up whenever we don a mask. We have 4 options to help you combat this problem and nope, they’re not little windshield washers for your lenses. One caveat though, none of the products I am about to share with you are fully “fog proof,” but they sure do help.

Cat Crap

I’m cringing as I write the name Cat Crap! The name of the bulk container it comes in is even worse: The Litter Box. But, this unfortunately named little pot of balm truly helps prevent fog built up on your lenses. You rinse and clean the lenses in your glasses, then apply a tiny bit of balm to the lenses with just a touch of your finger and buff in with a cloth until it disappears. Voila! You will have several hours of significantly reduced fog build up on your lenses.

Microclair Sports Anti-fog Treatment

This product, suitable for all lenses, functions very similarly to the Cat Crap, but comes in a liquid format where you place a drop on each of your cleaned lenses and buff in with the provided cloth in the kit. No need to use your fingers here. Microclair claims that this product is good for indoor and outdoor sports. My experience with this product is that it also provides several hours of reduced fog build up on your lenses.

Fog Blocker Anti-Fog Cloth

If you feel that applying a product and then buffing it in is too much of a faff for you, I would suggest our Fog Blocker cloth. No extra step here. Clean your lenses with the solution and dry them with a regular cleaning cloth. Then moisten the lenses with a few drops of water or even your breath. Before the moisture disappears, use the Fog Blocker cloth to wipe the lenses. This product claims 24-hour fog reduction, but I would say definitely several hours of fog reduction. You’ll likely need to use it again within a 24 hour period, especially if coming in from the cold or doing anything strenuous.

Shamir Anti-fog Coating If 2020 is your time for new glasses, and you’ve already experienced the fog, I would suggest ordering your new glasses with our fabulous lenses from Shamir where we can add to the lenses an Anti-fog treatment! They come with a specific cleaning cloth and instructions but with these lenses no need to add an additional treatment like the ones I listed above. Again, they are not fog-proof, but they sure help to make sure you’re not bogged down by the 2020 fog (at least for a few hours).

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