Introducing the Levi’s Eyewear Collection

New-in Alert! We are so excited to share with you that the new and never seen before Levi’s eyewear collection as landed at our optical boutique here at Merivale Vision Care! We are beyond ready to style our patients with these new, wonderful frames.

The Levi’s aesthetic is recognized around the world, and has its roots in utility. When asked about Levi’s, most people are likely to say “denim” as the first word they think of. We think it’s probably safe to say that denim is truly part of the unofficial uniform of hardworking individuals. Why? Because they are functional, stylish, durable, and have longevity in the sense both quality and style. Similarly, the Levi’s eyewear collection doesn’t disappoint, because they are of excellent quality and are timeless in style. Not only classic, but also hyper cool and a little bit edgy. We love the Levi’s collection because it offers something for everyone!

The Levi’s frames are classic leaning, have clean lines and wearable silhouettes. These silhouettes are offered not only in classic colours, but also in current colour trends. For example, you can find similar frames in neutral, easy-to-wear tortoise shell and black, as well as trendy crystal blush and pops of blue. We also carry many Levi’s models in today’s coveted metal material, with iconic shapes including round and hex.  We offer a large variety of styles for both adults and kiddos.

Want to hear a secret though? When you select a Levi’s frame you will get designer style and quality, at an incredible price point. Levi’s brings designer edge and makes it accessible for all. Please don’t hesitate to call and book your personal consultation with one of our Opticians today, to help you select your perfect Levi’s pair.  

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