Skiing In A Winter Wonderland

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, snow is glistening! We may not have a white Christmas this year but living in Ottawa definitely means a lot of snow is coming our way. What better way to enjoy the winter season than skiing and snowboarding? Take a break from your work-from-home setup and enjoy the outdoors!

Zeal Optics

Did you know that snow is highly reflective? On a bright sunny day, snow can reflect UV rays directly into the eyes. Long-term absorption of UV rays can cause premature cataracts, discoloration of the eyes and vision-threatening diseases like macular degeneration. These are the reasons why we strongly recommend that you wear sunglasses all year round.

Now when you are on the slopes, you need something with a bit more protection when you are speeding down the hills. At both Merivale Vision Care and Wellington Vision Care, we offer UV protective ski goggles. For all the spectacle wearers, we also have options to add your prescription into inserts so you can enjoy your winter sports with precision and safety! Check out some of our stylish polarized ski goggles from Zeal Optics.

There is a removable insert that can have your customized prescription created for your very own ski goggles!

Not interested in an insert? No problem. You can get them without the insert as well. If you are looking for alternative options for vision correction, book an appointment with one of the optometrists to discuss contact lens options!

Stay safe this season at home and on the hills. Happy holidays from us to you!

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