Happy 2021!

Goodbye 2020 and hello 2021! It’s a new year and we all can gladly agree that we need a change stat. Now that we have an amazing year ahead, let’s add to the good vibes with an incredible promotion.

Our winter promotion includes two amazing deals that you don’t want to sleep on. Before you go into hibernation, check out these promotions below:

Promotion #1

All our prescription sunglasses are 50% off with the purchase of a frame! With your benefits renewing, this is the time to upgrade your eyewear and protect your eyes, especially in the winter. We tend to think of sunglasses as a summertime accessory, but on a bright winter day, snow reflects those pesky UV rays right into the eyes! Long-term absorption of UV rays can cause premature cataracts, discoloration of the eyes and put you at risk for macular degeneration. If you’ve never tried prescription sunglasses, you are missing out on another world. We have incredible styles ranging from your sporty sunnies to your fashionista statement pieces.

Promotion #2

We all have the day-to-day glasses that we wear around the house and hopefully now we also have our new prescription sunnies. But, how about our new work-from-home setup specific glasses? Work specific lenses range from anti-fatigue lenses to computer progressive lenses. Computer progressive lenses are a great choice for progressive lens wearers in the workplace (or at the home office). This lens provides you with a large field of view for the computer screen and for documents on the desk while sparing your neck from added strain. Of course, blue light filter can be added on top for extra relief and comfort. To help you adjust to your new home office life, we are offering 50% off specialty lenses with the purchase of a frame. If you’ve been meaning to improve your workspace, don’t forget about your glasses too. Not sure which lens is the right one for you? Fear not, our appointment-based shopping experience will include a personalized lens choice for all your vision needs.

We continue to maintain the highest level of safety protocols during our current lockdown. For all the details on what to expect, please check out our post. We are open for all your optical needs, but please remember it is by appointment only!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2021!

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