Our New Year Sale is Still On!

Hi Friends! How are you all doing, staying this extraordinary course in history? For many of us we are in the deep when it comes to working from home on our computers and spending an increased amount of time in front of screens to pass the time while we wait for things to come back to a safer state in the world. If your eyes are feeling tired from all of that artificial light, we have some amazing lens options at the ready to help you out!

For all our wonderful friends out there who wear glasses for distance only, but are starting to feel the eye-xhaustion from all the scrolling or tablet time, we highly recommend our anti-fatigue lens options. These super cool lenses satisfy your prescription for far, but a subtle shift in thickness and curvature toward the bottom of the lenses brings up the magnification a bit to relieve the eyes while focusing up close. Depending on your prescription, we can also work our magic to modify the lens to function well for your computer and reading distances. We also offer blue light protection in the lenses to protect your eyes from chronic exposure to the blue-violet light emitted from screens. Blue light protection can help reduce eye strain, headaches and interruptions to your sleep cycle from a lot of screen time.

Our wonderful progressive and bifocal wearers out there, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you! We offer a host of specialized progressives that are designed for a multitude of specific working environments. These lenses cater specifically to how you work during your day to maximize your field of view as much as possible at computer and near. We have something for you if you work all day sitting at a desk, or if you spend part of your day working at a desk and moving about an office. If progressives aren’t for you, we even have the magic skills to modify your straight top bifocals so that they are customized for your specific computer and reading ranges. Just like our anti-fatigues, we can add the blue light protection to each of these options to protect your eyes from excessive screen exposure.

These super cool lenses are also available at a super cool price when you purchase a frame with us now until March 31, 2021. When you purchase your frame, all of these specialty computer lenses are 50% off! We can’t wait to help you find your perfect pair for work or leisure at near, so please get in touch and book your appointment today!

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