Throw Some Shades On

Hello Sunshine!

Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays is always important. Did you know you can protect your eyes, see your best, and look fabulous with prescription sunglasses? While it is no secret to us here at Merivale Vision Care, we are always surprised at how many of our lovely patients did not know their sunglasses could be made with prescription lenses!

If you don’t need a prescription you can always purchase any of the sunglasses we carry, as they all have 100% UV protection (or UV400). Did you know that you can also shop for non-prescription designer sunglasses directly from our website? We have some beautiful frame brands with 30% off at the moment. Many of them even have polarized lenses to reduce excess glare. When you purchase non-prescription sunglasses from our boutique you can feel confident that your eyes are fully protected from the sun.

We can turn many of the beautiful shades in our optical boutique into prescription sun wear. When we put your prescription into sunglasses, there are few ways we can treat the lenses so they work best for you. All our prescription sun lenses come with scratch-resistant coating, and 100% UV protection. From there you can decide whether you would like the glasses to be tinted or polarized. Tinting offers everything from the most popular colours such as grey, brown, or green-grey, all the way to funky cosmetic options like yellow, rose, blue, and violet. Polarization (for the most part) comes in grey, green-grey, or brown, but offers superior glare reduction in the lens when compared to a tint. Polarization is perfect for people who are looking for the crispest vision possible, for those that spend a lot of time driving, and for those that participate in outdoor sports such as golf and cycling. We can even add a mirror coat to the front of the sun lenses to make a bold fashion statement while maximizing light blockage.  

Spoiler alert! We are extremely excited to share that we are extending our promo of 50% off prescription sunglasses lenses with a frame purchase for another 60 days! Set to originally expire on March 31st, our patients have been loving it so much that we decided to keep it going. The upcoming weather forecast is looking great, which means more time outdoors in the sun. Reach out to us by phone to book your one-on-one consultation with one of our seasoned Opticians. They can answer any of your questions and help you pick out some amazing new sunnies.

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