When Daffodils Bloom, Hope Grows

Hello all and welcome back, it’s so nice to see you here. We are extremely proud to share with you that Merivale Vision Care supports the Daffodil Campaign and the Canadian Cancer Society. This year has deeply affected so many, and the Canadian Cancer Society is no exception. In order to keep everyone safe in these extraordinary times, the CCS has suspended all face-to-face fundraising so they need our help more than ever.

Did you know that nearly 1 in 2 Canadians are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime? That means almost all of us are impacted in some way. We’re confident that many of you – just like us – have a story from your lives linked to this life-threatening disease. It is impossible for us at MVC to ignore the gravity of a statistic like that, so to support the CCS in all their life-saving endeavours we are donating $4 from every eye exam during the month of April to the Daffodil Campaign.

 The Daffodil campaign supports those dealing with cancer, where funds raised go towards life-changing research and to help ensure that no one has to deal with cancer alone. When you take care of your eye health during April, you are helping to support the Daffodil Campaign and all it stands for. Please click here to book your eye exam appointment, or call us to schedule your visit. Once you have your eyes checked, you will receive your very own paper daffodil to add to our daffodil garden wall, and believe us when we say proudly that the garden is already growing rapidly!

If supporting the CCS isn’t sweet enough, we have some even sweeter deals on glasses just for you! After you’ve finished your exam, visit us in our optical boutique. With your frame purchases, we are offering $100 off our premium progressives and 50% off prescription sunglasses. Let’s grow as many daffodils as we can because they are truly a symbol of brighter days ahead.

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