P for Progressives

When we reach a certain number of candles on our birthday cakes, something magical happens with regards to our eyesight. Suddenly we realize small print isn’t as sharp as it should be; as we’re used to. We compensate by holding our books and phones a little further away from our eyes and for a time that helps, but eventually our arms aren’t long enough anymore to see that reading material clearly. Sometime during this transformative time in our lives, we book an eye exam with our favourite optometrist, and after being asked many times whether we prefer option one or two, we are told that is indeed time for…progressives!

For some, hearing the word “progressives” sparks excitement for a new pair of glasses, but for many of our patients hearing that they need progressives creates a sense of unease. Memories emerge of a person in their lives who couldn’t adapt and was more than happy to share (on more than one occasion) how progressives were the most awful glasses they’ve ever had. A feeling comes up that these new glasses are going to take a lot to get used to.

We are here to get rid of all those concerns about progressives because they are awesome! Progressives look seamless to the eye and have digital designs for super easy adaptation. They give you the ability to wear your prescription for driving, computer use, reading and everything in between. Our Opticians can help you choose the perfect progressive design for you, designs that can be tailored in many ways to meet your lifestyle needs! Add Transitions to have them darken in the sun while you read outdoors, and then head out for a walk. Add blue light protection for your extra screen time while we’re spending more time working from home. All of our progressives include anti-reflection coating, scratch-resistant coating and 100% UV protection to help you see your best. The number of birthday candles? Who cares!

When you pick up your new lenses, we coach you on how to adapt quickly with our hacks for adjusting to your new lenses. We find most people feel confident with their lenses before they leave their pick-up appointments. If you have any questions or concerns about your new glasses, the door is always open and we will do our absolute best to ensure they’re working well for you, and that you love them.

If you have been putting off trying progressives, there is no need to anymore. Our Opticians are ready to help, so please click here or give us a call to schedule your eye exam and a glasses appointment. This is the best time to try progressives because our premium designs are $100 off at the moment.

Not only that, we are donating $4 from every eye exam in April to the Canadian Cancer Society to support their amazing initiatives. You’ll be able to see better while giving back at the same time. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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