The Winds of Change are A-Blowin’!

Hi Friends, we hope you are all well today. We are so excited to share that there are some exciting changes coming up here at Merivale Vision Care. We are very grateful for the fact that despite these extraordinary circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, our wonderful team and the scope of what we do is growing! With growth comes the need for more space, and so we expand! We are not moving but are relocating some of the departments in our office to a larger space next door so that we have more room to do our best work.

A sneak peek at our new view: renos to follow!

During the next few months, if you have a visit with us, you can expect to see some things changing around the office. We apologize for any construction sights and sounds, or any items that look a little messy or out of place in our usual minimal décor. These things are the necessary hazards of re-jigging so that we can serve you – our patients – better!

When you book an appointment with us, you reach one of our Call Centre staff. Currently, these members of our team are working both at the office and from home. Our new space brings our team back together for your bookings (with precautions in place, of course!) in a beautiful, large, open office with large windows that fill the space with bright light.

As our patient base and its need for fabulous eyewear grows, so does the need for more space to make those fabulous glasses. Our fabricating lab is relocating from the back end of our office to its own spacious area right next door. We are levelling up from one lens cutting machine to two, so we can work toward expediting our service and deliver your gorgeous new specs quicker than ever.

A glimpse into our new lab

Our contact lens practice is also getting a glow-up with a larger space at the back of our office. We are separating the contact lens room from our visual field area giving each of these aspects of our practice its own space. Doing so frees up more appointments for these services.

The most exciting part of all these changes is that we are adding an entirely new department to our office: The Dry Eye Treatment Clinic! Dry eye issues are on the rise with our patients especially with working at home and the increase in screen time. We are bringing in exclusive equipment for treating this ocular issue, and we cannot wait to see the results.

Photo by iMed Pharma

Thank you so much for your patience while we make these amazing updates. See you at your next appointment!

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