Capital Rainbow Refuge

Here at MVC we are still going strong with our month-long Pride celebration and matching rainbow decor. We are so pleased to share that in honour of Pride Month we will be donating $4 from every eye exam for the whole of June to Capital Rainbow Refuge, a wonderful local organization that supports the LGTBQ community. We truly believe in a world filled with love and equality, and we are so humbled to be able to give back with your help when you visit us for your eye exam. While you’re here, please take a selfie with your new glasses and use the hashtag #MVCpride and we will donate an additional $4 to Capital Rainbow Refuge.

Capital Rainbow Refuge was founded in 2010 and is comprised of more than two dozen primarily LGTBQ Ottawa community members who are a diverse group of professionals such as lawyers, law students, and people inspired to support those in need. Capital Rainbow Refuge provides a safe haven to sexual and Gender minority refugees fleeing dangerous situations by providing a compassionate and welcoming environment so these refugees can build a better life free of persecution. Capital Rainbow Refuge’s actions demonstrate the value and the humanity of the lives of people who are LGTBQ.

Please visit Capital Rainbow Refuge’s website to read all about their cause and testimonials from those whose lives were touched by this amazing organization. You can also donate to Capital Rainbow Refuge directly. Donations provide newcomers with necessities and a basic stipend for rent, food, and transportation. Capital Rainbow Refuge hopes to change lives so that all who receive their support can follow their dreams while living and loving freely. When you donate, you will receive a Charitable Tax Receipt through the Ottawa Community Foundation and create a positive impact on someone’s life.

Thank you all for booking your eye exams with us, celebrating Pride Month and supporting Capital Rainbow Refuge and the LGBTQ community!

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