The Cutting Edge: Single Vision Digital Lenses

If you are someone with a slightly higher than average eyeglass prescription requirement, then you have stopped by to visit us at just the right time! Today we are sharing the scoop on the most cutting-edge lens technology: single vision digital lenses. The benefits that come with these lenses are quite expansive. They include the sharpest vision possible in a single vision lens, increased peripheral vision, and the best cosmetic effect when your lenses are mounted in your chosen frame. If your prescription needs are on the higher side, selecting digital single vision lenses can also increase your frame options, which means less of the “this is it?!” feeling when presented with frames that can support your prescription.

What makes single vision digital lenses so special – and so versatile – is our ability to personalize the lenses just for you. We take several additional measurements to customize the lens technology to your prescription in combination with your selected frame. We measure how the frame sits in relation to your facial features like how it tilts and wraps around your brow line, and how far away the lenses are positioned from your eyes. These personalized measurements combined with more lens size options from our labs can make your eyeglasses truly feel tailor-made to you.

Single vision digital lenses look the absolute best that lenses can when mounted in the frame. They allow for the widest amount of peripheral vision available and virtually eliminate that “fishbowl” feeling often experienced when picking up new glasses. When you feel like you have the most peripheral vision, scanning from side to side when wearing your glasses and switching from glasses to contacts feels seamless.

We partner with Nikon and Shamir labs to provide you with the most incredible single vision digital lens options. Our patients say the same thing about this technology: that the vision is second-to-none. These lenses come with all the lens features we know and love such as Transitions, blue light protection, and UV400 (or 100% UV protection). They automatically come with premium anti-reflection coating and scratch resistance. We can also polarize the lenses so you can enjoy your prescription in sunglass form. The cherry on top: we are offering $50 off single vision digital lenses with your frame purchase, so please reach out to us to book your personalized appointment with one of our Opticians today. We look forward to helping you see your absolute best!

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