Spend Time Outside with Smith Optics

The new product party continues over here at Merivale Vision Care, and one of the most exciting things to land in our optical boutique (besides new Stella McCartney, Swarovski, and Tom Ford frames) is the expansion of our Smith Optics sunglass collection. If you are an everyday get-outside-for-some-fresh-air person, or a you-can-find-me-on-the-slopes-24/7 person, Smith has a sun option for you! From amazing lifestyle sunnies to ski-goggles you can put your prescription in, Smith will have what you need.

For more than 50 years Smith has been creating innovative sun product for everyone. In 1965, an orthodontist by the name of Dr. Bob Smith developed the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam, resulting in a ski-goggle product that wouldn’t collect fog. Dr. Smith built these goggles in his garage, and then sold them out of his van when he was away on ski trips. Not long after, he was partnering with a manufacturer to produce the goggles for more people. Staying at the top of innovation, in the late ‘70s Smith introduced the Turbo Fan, a micro fan positioned in the brow of the goggles to create an active ventilation system, making the goggles even more functional on the ski hill.

That was just the beginning of the Smith ski products. They have advanced into snow helmets and offer sunglasses too. The sunglasses can be worn right off the shelf because they offer full UV protection and polarization. They can also be made to house your prescription lenses. There are even sunglasses options with inserts to hold prescription if you like a sunglass frame with a high wrap or shield look. Smith has created a bike helmet and is working on innovative cycling optical products and eyeglasses frames for clear prescription glasses. If fishing is your thing, you must come and try the Guide’s Choice sunglass model, they come complete with a cord to prevent your sunglasses from getting lost over the side of the boat.

The optics in the Smith products are incredible. Many lenses feature their ChromaPop™ technology that enables you to see the outside world with an unparalleled level of vibrancy, because it optimizes color and increases clarity. Want to see for yourself? Be sure to book your appointment with one of our amazing Opticians to try on the Smith collection and find your perfect sunglasses. A few of our favourite Smith sunglasses models for everyday wear include the Lowdown, the Wander, and the Shoutout. For sport we love the Ruckus, and the Guide’s Choice models. C’mon in and get your sunny-on with Smith Optics. We’re sure you’ll love what you see!

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