Let’s Spread Some Love this February with Heart Month!

The Merivale Vision Care, Wellington Vision Care and Ottawa Vision Therapy teams are so excited to share that we are celebrating Heart Month all February long to support the amazing team at The Ottawa Heart Institute! We celebrate Heart Month annually, and in doing so we hope to bring awareness to cardiovascular health and all the amazing things the Ottawa Heart Institute can do.

The Ottawa Heart Institute is Canada’s largest centre for cardiovascular health, and they have four main priorities when it comes to protecting our hearts. The first is ensuring they have the most current equipment to best care for their patients. The second is ongoing research committed to the best cardiovascular care. The third is a specific commitment to women’s cardiovascular health, and the fourth is a passionate approach to patient advocacy, education, and support for patient loved ones.

University of Ottawa Heart Institute Logo

The eye-heart connection is much closer than you might think. One of our staff members knows this connection all too well. One of our Opticians experienced a Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion (BRVO) in their left eye. A BRVO, also nicknamed an “eye stroke,” occurs when one of the branch veins in the eye ruptures and bleeds into the retinal tissue. Our Optician describes having vision loss at the most acute point during the bleeding. During the Optician’s routine eye exam, they had Optomap imaging done to check the health at the back of the eye, and with the right treatment from their Doctor of Optometry all was eventually well.

You can become part of the Paper Heart Army when you visit our clinic for your eye exam. We will be donating $4 from each full eye exam to the Ottawa Heart Institute during the month of February. These donations quite literally save lives and give heart health patients the precious gift of longer life and more time with their loved ones. We can’t think of a better reason to book your appointment and show your eyes some love. Come on in and see us today so you can help us #givewithheart, and spread some love this February.

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