Support the Canadian Cancer Society with Us and Help Hope Bloom

One of our core values here at Merivale Vision Care is giving back to our community and helping others in need. We are extremely proud to share with you that will be supporting the Daffodil Campaign and the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) again this April, just like last year. CCS puts it so well: the resilient daffodil is the first flower to bloom in the spring and is a symbol of strength, courage, and hope – a symbol made even more important as these extraordinary times continue to bring isolation, uncertainty, and treatment delays to people facing cancer.

Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, which means that almost all of us will be impacted by cancer in some way. We’re confident that many of you – like us – have a poignant story from your lives linked to this life-threatening disease. We simply can’t ignore the gravity of a statistic like that, so to support the CCS in all their life-saving endeavours we are donating $4 for every eye exam during the month of April to the Daffodil Campaign.

The Daffodil campaign supports those dealing with cancer, where funds raised go towards life changing research and to help ensure that no one must deal with cancer alone. When you visit us for your eye exam during April, you are helping to support the Daffodil Campaign and all it stands for simply by taking care of your ocular health. Each $4 donation helps to support world leading research to better prevent, detect, and treat cancer to give all Canadian’s hope, regardless of where they are in their cancer experience. Each $4 donation works to enrich compassionate support programs nationwide, so those affected by cancer can find comfort and connection to help them live fully. Each $4 donation helps to fund meaningful advocacy work to raise awareness about important cancer issues to prevent cancer and better support those facing cancer.

Please click here to book your eye exam appointment or call us to schedule your visit. Once you have your eyes checked, we will add a paper daffodil to add to our rapidly growing daffodil garden wall, a visual reminder of hope blooming for those affected by cancer right in our clinic. You can also donate directly here.

If supporting the CCS doesn’t brighten your day enough, we have some amazing deals on glasses to make it your brightest yet. After you’ve finished your exam, visit us in our optical boutique. We are offering $100 off our premium progressive lenses and 50% off prescription sunglasses lenses when you purchase your frame. We can’t wait to see you help us grow our daffodil wall, and in turn help hope bloom for all those touched by cancer in our community.

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