Dry Eye Gadgets and Gizmos: Eye-light® and LLLT

Good day, Merivale Vision Care friends! Thank you for coming back to tune into our third blog installment all about our amazing, high-tech, innovative, and effective Dry Eye treatment gadgets and gizmos. Today we will be learning all about our cool Innova gadget called Eye-light® and LLLT, otherwise known as Low-Level Light Therapy, and how it can help relieve your dry eyes and stubborn styes.

Photo by Innova

The Eye-light® device allows us to use multiple types of light to treat the eye for different ocular surface diseases. The Eye-light® offers, blue, yellow, and red light. LLLT uses red light, practically near-infrared emission, administered around the eyes to help heal Dry Eye Disease, as well as heal the eyelids. We often partner LLLT in conjunction with IPL (or Intense Pulsed Light) Therapy, as the two light therapies when partnered together can yield incredible results in healing Dry Eye Disease. IPL works to reduce inflammation on the eyelids and stimulate the Meibomian (or oil-producing) glands. IPL helps to alleviate glandular clogs and improve the ability of your tear layer to last longer before drying out. You can read more about IPL Therapy in our post here.

Photo by Innova

Here at Merivale Vision Care, during your Dry Eye treatment session when you have your Low-Level Light Therapy, we will use the Eye-light® device for your treatment. You will wear a comfortable mask that emits visible red light for about 15 minutes while keeping your eyes closed. The red light warms up your skin and stimulates activity in your cells to help reinvigorate the ocular glands that secrete oil into your tear layer. Over time with LLLT the tear lipid (or oil) layer in the eye is increased and stabilized, relieving dry eye symptoms and styes. LLLT can be safely performed on all patients, independent of skin pigmentation, and directly treats the eyelids and the surrounding eye area. A side bonus is that it can bolster collagen production in and around the eye area, resulting in a refreshed look.   

Interested in re-hydrating those parched peepers? Be sure to ask your Doctor of Optometry all about Dry Eye treatment options when you come in for your appointment. Need to book? Click here so we can get you set up and on your way to dry eye relief. Trust us to help you see your best and get your eyes feeling their best. We won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

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