Super Cool Lens Treatments to Level-Up Your Vision

We are huge fans of Nikon’s SeeCoat™ Next Bright lens treatment option. SeeCoat™ Next Bright is a truly innovative coating that enhances colour transmission, especially in low-light situations. The amount of colour transmission through the SeeCoat™ Next Bright coating changes with the amount of light exposure you are experiencing.

In dim light, the eye’s ability to perceive the red colour spectrum becomes diminished, which can result in colours appearing dull. SeeCoat™ Next Bright supplements red light wavelength transmission to the eye, resulting in a more natural perception of colour and contrast. With SeeCoat™ Next Bright, no more struggling to read menus in dimly lit, but highly sought-after restaurants.

If you are anything like most of the Merivale Vision Care family, you spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer exposed to blue light. Too much screen time can lead to tired, dry eyes, eye strain, and headaches.

Enter the Shamir Blue Zero™ lens treatment from Shamir. Shamir Blue Zero™ provides protection from artificial light sources such as TV, computer screens, smartphones, and tablets. On average, Shamir Blue Zero™ blocks up to 3x more harmful blue light than a standard clear lens, and by absorbing just the right amount of blue light, Shamir Blue Zero™ protects ocular health without interfering with visual comfort. If you have been avoiding blue light protection on your glasses because you are concerned about a yellow cast to the lenses, fear not because Shamir Blue Zero™ is the clearest blue light treatment yet.

If you would like the clearest possible lenses in your glasses, then the new Shamir Glacier Expression™ anti-reflection coating is for you. Shamir Glacier Expression™ has powerful anti-reflective properties for the absolute best in lens optics and cosmetics and includes extra UV protection that prevents harmful rays from being reflected into the eyes. Trust us when we say this coating is extremely clear, we thought one of our Wellington Vision Care team members was wearing a frame without lenses, but she was wearing her prescription with Shamir Glacier Expression™! This coating is hot off the press and only available in a handful of materials right now, so be sure to ask our dispensing team about it during your eyeglasses shopping visit.No need to get by with just the basics, try out one of these amazing lens treatments and experience premium vision as a result. Ready to book? Our dispensing team is ready and waiting to help you level up your vision.

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