Gift Guide 2022 Part 3

Welcome back to the third and final installment of our incredibly special Merivale Vision Care Holiday Gift Guide! Do not worry if you are still in preparation mode for the holidays, there is still time before the festive period, and we have you covered with even more amazing gift eye-deas! 

Here is your friendly reminder to take advantage of your insurance benefits before they expire. The deadline is the last day of December for most folks, and we would hate to see you miss out. Do you need an appointment with one of our impressive Ottawa Doctors of Optometry to check your eye health and update your eyeglasses prescription? Reach out to us to book your exam and a glasses-shopping appointment. Our optical boutique is brimming with stylish options from an array of brands that will support your prescription lenses and meet all your work and lifestyle needs. Our dispensing team has an incredible knack for helping you find your perfect pair. 

Are there little ones in your life who love to play outdoors in the sun all year round? If so, be sure to snag a pair of Babiators sunglasses for them to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Babiators have full UV protection and are the coolest shades for babies up to kids 6+ years. They are indestructible, so perfect for busy little outdoor bodies. Little ones on the tablet or computer?

Babiators also offer incredibly durable blue light protection glasses perfect for online learning and gaming with friends. If the practicality of Babiators simply will not do for a particular little fashion icon in your life, then be sure to check out the Glam Baby collection of sun wear. Full UV protection and on the edge of style, these shades will be perfect for them this holiday season.  

After your visit with us, we recommend you head to Anaya Arts to find the perfect gift for the loved ones in your life who love art. Founded in 2018 by Fiona Khaemba, Anaya Arts Inc. is an innovative art brand based right here in Ottawa. What began as minimalist afro-centric art has evolved into art inspired by representation on a wider scale. Anaya Arts’ pieces represent diverse groups of people, communities, pop culture, lifestyles, and so much more.

Anaya Arts aims to create an inclusive art space; represent the underrepresented while empowering and inspiring through creative expression. While picking the perfect piece for you or your loved one, you can select from a variety of prints that would suit children, minimalists, those that love text prints, and beyond. Anaya Arts pieces are on-demand prints, which means that production starts once you place your order. Printing this way produces less waste, avoids overproduction, and helps create a more sustainable alternative to bulk manufacturing.

Pop by Anaya Arts downtown, at the Bayshore location or check out their site to see all their amazing offerings. 

If you have not yet checked out any of the local businesses and amazing products featured in our 2022 Gift Guide Series, please be sure to do so. We know you will find something that you and yours will love this holiday season. We at Merivale Vision Care wish you all the best for a wonderful, cozy, joyful, and love-filled holiday season full of life’s precious moments. Happy Holidays! 

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