Last Minute Gifts at MVC 

Still hunting down the last few things to prep for gift-giving? Look no further than here. If you have already perused our fabulous Gift Guides for 2022 but need a few more items to round out your shopping, read on for Merivale Vision Care team favourites that also make for great gifts for friends and family. 

First up, the BRUDER Moist Heat Compress. A big hero in our office, the BRUDER Moist Heat Compress is perfect for the self-care and relaxation enthusiast in your life. The MVC team loves it so much that we thought it deserved its own dedicated post on our website, which you can check out here. The patented BRUDER Moist Heat Eye Compress is a super-relaxing and easy-to-use moist heat treatment for dry, sore, tired eyes. The compress helps clear clogged oil glands in the eyes and allows natural oils to flow back onto the eyes to relieve discomfort. Pop it in the microwave for 20-25 seconds. Once ready, apply to the eyes for 8-10 minutes or as prescribed by your doctor. Self-care to the maximum, this compress will have your loved one’s eyes feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Do you have a holistic healthcare lover you would like to treat to a gift this holiday season? Blending eyecare and nutrition together, pick up the perfect item for this loved one in a bottle of our I-VU Omega-3 Plus soft gel supplements by I-Med Pharma. One of many star products in the I-Med Pharma lineup, these little capsules of magic contain Omega-3 fatty acids to help improve dry eye symptoms and support proper tear function. Why not pick up one for yourself too? Loads of screen time – something we are all exposed to – can create dry eye symptoms, so why not nip it in the bud this holiday season with this amazing supplement? 

Finally, we have something excellent for the sporty loved one, or the star in your life who kindly takes care of the snow removal in your home or for others in your neighbourhood. Enter the Smith ski goggles. These are excellent for hitting the slopes of course, but they are also excellent for use either snow-blowing or walking outdoors in blustery weather. With a high-contrast tint for providing excellent depth perception in snowy conditions, as well as a mirror coat to reflect excess light away, these goggles keep your eyes away from the snowflakes and sun to get the job done. 

Right, time to finish that holiday prep! Pop in to see your Ottawa Doctor of Optometry before the year is out to maximize those vision care benefits and update your glasses. While in be sure to pick up some of the amazing products featured here or in our Holiday Gift Guide. We promise you will find something amazing for yourself and your loved ones. Happy holidays! 

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