Get Ready for a Snowstorm of Savings! 

Merivale Vision Care has a seriously hot event coming up, hot enough to melt your snowman plus all that ice build-up on your driveway! Our Winter Sale is just around the corner. We have got all your eyewear needs covered, whether that is reading glasses for each floor of your home, a backup pair of progressives, and even prescription sunglasses. Come on in and warm up with our Winter Sale! 

Our Winter Sale is a second pair offer and is available from Monday, January 23rd to the end of day Friday February 3rd. After you select your first pair, you can choose a second pair (or multiple pairs) from our amazing, curated selection of designer frames specially designated for our Winter Sale. These frames are limited edition, so make sure you come in early to beat the flurry of action and find your perfect pairs. 

Here are all the hot details. When you select your second pair from our Winter Sale curated frame collection you receive the frame for free and single-vision lenses for a flat rate of $150. These lenses include our high-quality multi-layer anti-reflection coat and scratch resistance protection.  

For our multifocal wearers out there, when you select your second pair from our Winter Sale frame edit, you receive the frame for free and the same value progressive lenses as your first pair at a flat rate of $350.  

All features you purchase on your first pair of single-vision and multifocal lenses are automatically eligible on the second set of lenses, so you know you are getting identical quality lenses on both pairs. These are epic savings! Since the frames are limited edition there is no manufacturer’s warranty on your second pair frame, but will service the glasses for as long as you own them. The lenses will have our full 2-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects. Our amazing dispensing team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

If you need to update your prescription before warming up with our Winter Sale, be sure to book with us now and we will do our best to get you in as soon as possible to see one of our amazing Ottawa Doctors of Optometry so you don’t miss this incredible offer. Do you already have your new prescription? We’re happy to help so we can meet all your vision care needs at an incredible price. 

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