Join Merivale Vision Care and Go #AllinForHeartMonth this February!  

At Merivale Vision Care, we celebrate Heart Month annually and we’re ready to go #AllinForHeartMonth again in 2023. We love to support our amazing friends at The Ottawa Heart Institute and in doing so we hope to bring awareness to cardiovascular health and all the amazing things the Ottawa Heart Institute does for our community. 

The Ottawa Heart Institute is Canada’s largest center for cardiovascular health. They have four main priorities when it comes to protecting our hearts. The first is ensuring they have the most state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, to best help cardiovascular patients. The second priority is ongoing research committed to the best cardiovascular care. The third is a specific commitment to women’s cardiovascular health, and the fourth is a passionate approach to patient advocacy, education, and support for patient loved ones. 

The eye-heart connection is much closer than you might think. One ocular health issue is closely linked to cardiovascular health. A Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion (or BRVO) also nicknamed an “eye stroke,” occurs when one of the branch veins in the eye ruptures and bleeds into the retinal tissue at the back of the eye. BRVOs can negatively impact a person’s vision, often causing some visual field loss, and are almost always related to hypertension, diabetes, or a blood clotting issue.  

A routine eye exam can help you monitor your ocular health. During your exam with your Doctor of Optometry you will have Optomap imaging done to check on the health of the back of your eyes. These images are incredibly helpful for your Optometrist as they can help the Doctor detect issues like BRVOs early on, treat them swiftly, and monitor for any changes over time. Routine eye exams are not simply about checking to see if you need prescription glasses, they check on your ocular health too! 

Join us and go #AllinForHeartMonth when you visit our clinic for your eye exam. We will be donating $4 from each full eye exam to the Ottawa Heart Institute during the month of February. These donations quite literally save lives and give heart health patients the precious gift of a longer life and more time with their loved ones. Book your appointment now, love your eyes, and go #AllinForHeartMonth with us today. 

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