Help Us Support the ALS Society of Canada

Good day Merivale Vision Care friends! In last week’s post, we shared the exciting news about our upcoming Trunk Show this coming Monday May 15th, and Tuesday May 16th where a portion of the proceeds will go to support the ALS Society of Canada.

As promised, here is more about our amazing friends at the ALS Society of Canada and all the work that they do to support those dealing with ALS and their families. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (also known as ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, or motor neuron disease) is a non-contagious disease that gradually paralyzes people because the brain is no longer able to communicate with the muscles of the body that we are typically able to move at will. Over time, as the muscles of the body break down, someone living with ALS will lose the ability to walk, talk, eat, swallow, and eventually breathe. There is no cure for ALS and few treatment options for most people living with the disease. Approximately 80 per cent of people with ALS die within two to five years of receiving their diagnosis. We want to help change these outcomes. Fighting ALS is a cause near and dear to the Merivale Vision Care staff’s hearts.

A close friend to one of our amazing dispensing team members lost his battle with ALS. His name was Eric. Eric is survived by his wife and two children and is remembered for being an amazing father, husband, and great friend. We support his family.

Several of our Optometrists share two great long-time friends from their Optometry courses to the present day: Michelle, and her brother Collin, who are both currently fighting ALS diagnoses. We stand beside them and support their families.

Here is how you can help! If you need glasse, be sure to attend our Trunk Show to place your order, you will cross getting new glasses off your to-do list and support the ALS Society of Canada at the same time. You can also visit their website for more information about ALS and donate directly here. Every donation counts because the funds go towards innovative research to find a way to slow the progression of ALS and find a cure. The Merivale Vision Care family will also be participating in the Walk to End ALS on Saturday June 3rd, to show our support and continue to raise funds and awareness for individuals and their families facing ALS. If you would like to support the Walk to End ALS, you can donate directly here. Let’s work together to change the course of ALS in people’s lives!

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