What type of frames are right for my face shape?

July 18, 2017 | 5 Comments
Summertime is here! And with those bright UV rays that we’re enjoying so much, we thought you’d want to know how to keep your eyes protected while also being stylish. Did you know that keeping your eyes healthy isn’t all that we do? Oh no friends, we also bring it in the fashion accessories department. To help us, we’ve tapped some of our city’s most stylish bloggers to show off which frames will suit you best depending on your face shape. Oval – Dominique Baker of If you have an oval face your features are well balanced, you have great high cheekbones, and your chin is slightly more narrow than your forehead. Ie; you’re so lucky when it comes to choosing glasses because your features are already balanced so any shape of frames will look good on you. Glasses for this face shape are best if they are the same width (or slightly wider) than the widest part of your face, and can be bold and textured. Try any shape that suits your personal style – prefer a retro chic vibe? Try a cat-eye. Studious and responsible? (which are great for work) Try a rectangular frame. Dominique’s feminine and urban cool ensemble is enhanced by these fabulous Dior mirror frames which she found – where else – chez nous! RoundChantal Sarkisian of  If you have a round face you are blessed with full cheeks and a face of (or almost) equal length and width. Look for frames that add contrast to the curves of your face – embellishments, bold colours and prints are great – a wider frame also elongates the face. Chantal is wearing beautiful rose gold Dior sunnies – courtesy of yours truly – for a perfectly playful summer look! Heart – Julie Lan of  A heart-shape boasts a beautiful broad forehead, narrow chin and high cheekbones. To minimize the width of the forehead and play up those enviable cheekbones, choose frames that are wider than your forehead or have embellished endpoints – a cat eye is a great example of this. Julie is wearing some fabulous Gucci’s which complement her heart-shaped face and add some serious “je ne sais quoi” to her casual beach look. Square – Katie Hession of  Photographer: Kamara Morozuk  The lucky folks with a square jawline share movie-star angular features and a broader forehead, allowing them to wear many frame shapes. For those who have a square face shape, just keep an eye out for rounder edges to soften your features – unless you want to bring out your Zoolander-high-fashion persona, of course. Which is what Katie is doing here with her Caroline Abram frames – we love her elevated look with an editorial edge. Diamond – Alyssa Beltempo of  Given the description, it’s apropos that diamond face shapes are few and far between, characterized by a narrow forehead and chin. If you have a diamond face shape, bring the focus to your eyes to balance it out – and there’s no better way to do that than with some awesome shades! Look for frames that are top-heavy or embellished at the top, a cat eye is always a go-to. These timeless Dior frames on Alyssa have slightly up-swept corners – great for a diamond face shape! And there it is! Remember that a lot of these suggestions work for the gentlemen, too! And no matter what your face shape or personal style, what is most important is that the lens is truly centered on your eyes (especially if they’re prescription!). And as always, we’re here to help you pick the right frames for your face shape and personal style. See you soon! Read More

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