We Had A Party! Trunk Show Recap

October 30, 2018

We threw a party last week for all of our wonderful clients! Twice a year, we host a trunk show with some of our favourite brands so that our clients can get spoiled with full collections of specialty eyewear at their fingertips.   This season, we introduced some amazing Montreal based brands into the mix;…

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Children’s Vision Month

October 19, 2018

October is Children’s Vision Month! At MVC we love seeing your kiddos for their eye exams! When it comes to kids eye health, there are lots of facts out there on how important eye exams really are. Here are a few key ones: 80% of children’s learning is visual 60% of children with literacy challenges…

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Kanye & Contacts Love Lockdown

October 3, 2018

It’s finally October! Have you been waiting all year to wear that sparkly jacket then realized, I don’t have blue contacts for my Kanye costume?? Well, look no further because we are here to help you make sure you follow the correct steps to achieve that fierce look.     Step 1: Plan ahead. Costume…

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2018 Fall Trunk Show!

September 19, 2018

It’s that time of the year again! Time for MVC’s annual Fall Trunk Show! This year we couldn’t be more excited to feature exclusive brands that we’ve already fallen in love with. So read on for what to expect this October 22nd and 23rd. Yes, you read that right! This trunk show is going to…

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How to Transition Your Summer Sunnies to Fall

September 5, 2018

There is nothing like the fresh start of September. It almost feels more like the beginning of a new year than January 1. Kids go back to school, productivity is heavy in the air and everyone is ready to give a final push to the end of the year. And the fashion?   Well. We…

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How Do Concussions Affect the Eyes?

August 29, 2018

Concussions are on the rise and with new statistics that are being collected and studied, we as optometrists have more questions to answer. One very important question is: How do concussions affect the eyes?  Basics about concussions First let’s talk basics of a concussion. What are they exactly?    A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury…

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Blue Light Filters

August 14, 2018

Let’s talk about technology and what blue light can do to our eyes. It’s time to get ready for school and we have an exclusive, limited time offer at MVC for students. Read on to find out more!    Remember those days when you would wake up early in the morning to watch your Saturday morning cartoons?…

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Scleral Contact Lenses: The Basics

August 8, 2018

Here at Merivale Vision Care, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the best vision possible. We offer many speciality vision solutions. Certain people will benefit from aids such as magnifiers, while others require personalized glasses solutions such as prisms. In some cases, speciality contact lenses, such as scleral contacts, will be the solution.…

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5 Frames That Will Instantly Improve Your Instagram Feed

July 25, 2018

In our world where Instagram and Snapchat act like a personal highlight reel or visual journal, everybody can be a celebrity. Whether your account is personal or professional, a gorgeous feed and beautiful pictures within it is #goals. Maybe your feed consists mostly of your newborn baby or the occasional artisanal coffee, or maybe you’re…

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10 Things To Know About Vision Therapy

July 18, 2018

These days vision therapy (VT) is something you may hear among fellow parents and even in the workplace. Read on to find out 10 things about vision therapy! 1. What is vision therapy?    Vision Therapy is a doctor supervised customized program of visual activities (think of it like physiotherapy for the eyes). It is designed to improve…

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The Future is Here With SPECSY 3D Printed Glasses

June 27, 2018

The future has arrived at Merivale Vision Care. Ok, maybe that sounds a bit dramatic. But if you were to hold the glossy, marble-motif frames that were 3D printed in Toronto by way of a state of the art digital head and face scan that happened in Ottawa, you would be excited too.    …

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Eye Makeup and Beyond

June 13, 2018

In the world of social media, we now have access to loads of makeup tutorials. As fun as it is to experiment with makeup, have you ever thought about when should you dispose of your old makeup? Read on to find out more!    Mascara  You should dispose of your mascara at least every 2 months. After many uses the mascara will dry…

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Welcome to your MVC Eye Exam Experience!

June 6, 2018

  For today’s blog we want to walk you through what to expect at your next eye exam. Visitors often tell us that our clinic is larger than they thought it would be. And you’re right! We do have a lot going in our space and each of these areas has a special role in…

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5 Eternally Classic Sunnies You Should Never Let Go Of

May 30, 2018

When you close your eyes and picture an eternally classic style icon, what do you see? Is it Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, standing in front of Tiffany & Co? Or maybe it’s Jackie O stepping out in a skirt suit? Oftentimes, our favourite style icons have a signature pair of sunglasses that we associate them…

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An alternative to glasses after 40: multifocal contacts

May 23, 2018

Have you been wearing contact lenses for years? Maybe you’ve recently started having some difficulty reading with your usual contacts on? Have you stopped wearing contacts all together because of this? If you answered yes to these questions; you’re not alone. Most of you will know about progressive glasses, with lenses that have a gradient…

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favourite MVC brands

Our 4 favourite MVC brands!

May 16, 2018

At Merivale Vision Care we pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest fashion and trends but also maintaining classic pieces in our frame collection.  We asked our highly skilled and awesome dispensers to choose their favourite line and tell us 3 reasons why they love it! Read on to see which one matches your style!    Natalie’s favourite MVC brand:  Mykita – a modern collection of frames handmade…

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Choose the Right Sunnies this Season

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Sunnies this Season

April 20, 2018

As soon as warm weather hits, everybody starts going crazy about getting our bodies “bikini ready”, but before summer I’m all about getting my face SUNNIES-READY with the perfect sunnies! Oh, have you never heard of this term? Let me tell you all about it and why it’s way better than holding a plank for…

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Save the Date Rag and Bone Chloe

You’re Invited to Our Spring 2018 Trunk Show

April 15, 2018

We are very excited to share all the details of our upcoming trunk show with you! On May 3rd, from 4-8pm we will be featuring some of our favourite brands. We’ll have plenty of drinks and bites to make your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. Read on for details on our featured brands for this trunk…

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Food for the Eyes

Food for the Eyes

April 7, 2018

These days there is a lot of focus on what foods are good for the body but have you ever thought about what specific foods are good for the eyes? We need to fuel them with rich nutrients so they can keep up with the visual demands we encounter on a daily basis!  Did you know that when you read a book for…

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Luxury Sustainable Eyewear Brand

Why You Need to Know This Luxury Sustainable Eyewear Brand

March 27, 2018

It’s a great day when fashionable luxury accessories also do good for the planet. Don’t you just love knowing that what you’re wearing has made a positive social impact in some way?   As a local slow fashion blogger in the nation’s capital (I’ll be blogging once a month here – stay tuned for next time!),…

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