etniaIn the 1950s, Fulgencio Ramo—grandfather of David Pellicer, who is the current owner of the company—created his first eyewear factory. His children helped out there and quickly acquired all of the know-how of the business to take over the reins.

David brought color to a product that, up until that point, had only been brown or black. He wanted a brand that embodied the idea of being free, human and respectful towards all ethnicities. That’s how Etnia Barcelona was born.

For three generations, quality has been and continues to be fundamental.  Etnia Barcelona controls the entire process from beginning to end, scrutinizing every detail to ensure quality standards are met. Additionally, they work with the best materials on the market, such as pure mineral glass lenses from Barberini and HD Colors Technology, as well as natural acetate from Mazzucchelli.

For years, Etnica Barcelona has been working to be a more sustainable and ethical brand. From natural raw materials to our social project with the Etnia Barcelona Foundation.

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