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Super Shades for Super Kids

Eye exams and glasses are usually top of mind for parents and caregivers when it comes to children’s ocular health, but it’s still important to remember sunglasses for kids too! Here at Merivale Vision Care, we offer a great array of sunwear for children, from new babies up to big kids, in about 39475 fun…

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Diabetes Changed My Vision!

Fact or fiction – your vision can change from uncontrolled diabetes? Fact! Well, what does diabetes have to do with my eyes anyway? Let us tell you a little story.    Once upon a time, there was a lovely man named Bob. Bob never needed glasses to drive because he could see the distance nice and clear.…

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Welcome to your MVC Eye Exam Experience!

  For today’s blog we want to walk you through what to expect at your next eye exam. Visitors often tell us that our clinic is larger than they thought it would be. And you’re right! We do have a lot going in our space and each of these areas has a special role in…

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