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  • Save Eye Care
    To our wonderful patients,   Recently, you may have seen news about optometrists in Ontario and wondered how this impacts you and your family. Here at Merivale Vision Care, your eye care is our number one priority. We want you to know we have a plan to protect access to quality eye care and we --- Read more
  • The Cutting Edge: Single Vision Digital Lenses
    If you are someone with a slightly higher than average eyeglass prescription requirement, then you have stopped by to visit us at just the right time! Today we are sharing the scoop on the most cutting-edge lens technology: single vision digital lenses. The benefits that come with these lenses are --- Read more
  • New Summer Promo Alert!
    Happy July Merivale Vision Care friends! July is a very exciting month because we are introducing our new promotions and a wonderful community initiative! First up, the promotions because we all love a good deal on something amazing. We are offering $50 off single vision digital lenses. These --- Read more
  • Try On The Rainbow
    Are you looking for a bit of colour in your life? Craving some new glasses with a bit of pop? If so, then you have come to the right place. Here at Merivale Vision Care, our eyeglass boutique is full to the brim with amazing frames for everyone, in a multitude of colours. June is the perfect time --- Read more
  • Capital Rainbow Refuge
    Here at MVC we are still going strong with our month-long Pride celebration and matching rainbow decor. We are so pleased to share that in honour of Pride Month we will be donating $4 from every eye exam for the whole of June to Capital Rainbow Refuge, a wonderful local organization that supports --- Read more
  • Celebrating Pride Month at MVC
    If you’ve popped by our office early this week, you might have noticed that there is an explosion of rainbows decorating our space. Rainbows are everywhere because at Merivale Vision Care we have got a whole ton of PRIDE and we are not afraid to show it! We are so excited to kick off our --- Read more
  • The Winds of Change are A-Blowin’!
    Hi Friends, we hope you are all well today. We are so excited to share that there are some exciting changes coming up here at Merivale Vision Care. We are very grateful for the fact that despite these extraordinary circumstances during the COVID-19 pandemic, our wonderful team and the scope of what --- Read more
  • Virtual Asian Heritage Month 2021
    Here at MVC we love learning about all sorts of things, including how people from all walks of life celebrate their culture. We also strongly believe in safety and equity for everyone. In honour of Asian Heritage Month this May, we would like to share two very important and informative resources --- Read more
  • Honouring All Women with Dress for Success Ottawa
    Hi Friends, so nice to see you! Thanks for spending some time with us today. Here at Merivale Vision Care we are always looking for ways to support and honour women from all walks of life. We are so proud to share that we will be supporting Dress for Success Ottawa this week as it leads up to --- Read more
  • That New-New Missoni
    The tulips are coming up, the grass is becoming greener and buds are blooming on the trees as we speak. Spring has truly sprung here in Ottawa, and all of these new bold colours have us here at Merivale Vision Care craving some bold and colourful eyewear to match. Has the craving hit you too? If --- Read more
  • P for Progressives
    When we reach a certain number of candles on our birthday cakes, something magical happens with regards to our eyesight. Suddenly we realize small print isn’t as sharp as it should be; as we’re used to. We compensate by holding our books and phones a little further away from our eyes --- Read more
  • When Daffodils Bloom, Hope Grows
    Hello all and welcome back, it’s so nice to see you here. We are extremely proud to share with you that Merivale Vision Care supports the Daffodil Campaign and the Canadian Cancer Society. This year has deeply affected so many, and the Canadian Cancer Society is no exception. In order to keep --- Read more
  • Throw Some Shades On
    Hello Sunshine! Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays is always important. Did you know you can protect your eyes, see your best, and look fabulous with prescription sunglasses? While it is no secret to us here at Merivale Vision Care, we are always surprised at how many of our lovely --- Read more
  • Feeling Sporty with Under Armour Eyewear
    First Dior, then Chloe, now Under Armour! I hope you can keep up with all of the new collections landing in our optical boutique here at Merivale Vision Care. We are very excited to share that the new Under Armour eyeglass collection has arrived, and if you like a sporty look these frames are for --- Read more
  • International Women’s Day 2021
    Hello all and welcome back! Celebrating International Women’s Day is hugely important to us here at Merivale Vision Care. If you are a long-standing part of the MVC family, you will know that this day is near and dear to our hearts because we celebrate it every single year. If you are new here --- Read more