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  • Super Cool Lens Treatments to Level-Up Your Vision
    We are huge fans of Nikon’s SeeCoat™ Next Bright lens treatment option. SeeCoat™ Next Bright is a truly innovative coating that enhances colour transmission, especially in low-light situations. The amount of colour transmission through the SeeCoat™ Next Bright coating changes with the amount of --- Read more
  • ‘Tis the Season to Fall for IRPL and Say Bye to Dry Eyes!
    We are midway through September, and there is a crisp, drier change to the air. Despite the seasonal changes, you may have been struggling with dry eyes, especially if you spend lots of time working in front of a computer or spend lots of time outdoors. Dry Eye Disease develops when your natural --- Read more
  • Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Round Up for 2022
    Our initiative this summer to help The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa prepare local kids in need for the 2022-2023 school year was a total success! During the months of July and August, we donated $10 from each pair of glasses sold to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BCGO) to outfit students in --- Read more
  • A Sneak Peek into the Backpacks for the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
    The Merivale Vision Care team is so proud to share that during July and August we are donating $10 from each pair of glasses purchased to the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BCGO). This year our donation will help to provide 300 youth in need who will attend grades 7 through 12 with backpacks --- Read more
  • The Vault at Wellington Vision Care
    One of our favorite things to do at Merivale Vision Care is lifted others up, especially local women in business, so we are here to sing our praises from the rooftop for the grand opening of The Vault at our sister optometric clinic, Wellington Vision Care. If you have a passion for high quality, --- Read more
  • The Hottest Back to School Promo in Town!
    The Merivale Vision Care team has you covered when it comes to back-to-school prep. For so many people, eye exams and new glasses are at the top of that list, because people need to see well to learn their best. We are about to let you in on a hot secret: for the whole month of August, we are --- Read more
  • Dry Eye Gadgets and Gizmos: Eye-light® and LLLT
    Good day, Merivale Vision Care friends! Thank you for coming back to tune into our third blog installment all about our amazing, high-tech, innovative, and effective Dry Eye treatment gadgets and gizmos. Today we will be learning all about our cool Innova gadget called Eye-light® and LLLT, --- Read more
  • We’re back with the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa 
    Even though the summer sun is still blazing, barbeques are still sizzling, and camps are in full swing, prepping for back to school isn’t far from popping up on everyone’s to-do list. For some children and youth in Ottawa, preparing for back to school isn’t as easy as just popping out to grab all --- Read more
  • Hot Promo Summer
    When you look around it’s easy to see that summer is surely upon us. Sunny hot days, swims at the beach, barbeques, cottage time, and fresh slices of watermelon are everywhere to hallmark the arrival of the new summer season. Coming in hot with summer’s arrival is our new promo and it’s --- Read more
  • Cataract Awareness: You have the Power!
    Did you know that June is Cataract Awareness Month? What a great time to shed light on this ocular condition and provide education going forward all year round to people about what a cataract is, as well as cataract risk factors, symptoms, and cataract surgery. Cataracts are one of the leading --- Read more
  • Show your Dry Eyes some Love with these Lotions and Potions
    If dry eyes are getting you down, then it’s time to turn that frown upside down. We have the solution for you! Alongside Dry Eye treatments in the office, we also offer other products that can help give you dry eye relief at home. Read on for our love list of favourite eye care lotions and potions --- Read more
  • June 2022 Covid Protocol & Mask Update
    June 11, 2022 marked our most recent change in Covid protocol, as medical clinics are no longer covered under the Provincial mask mandate.  We remain committed to providing access to eye care and our Doctors at Merivale Vision Care, Wellington Vision Care, and Ottawa Vision Therapy have --- Read more
  • Celebrate Pride Month and the Ten Oaks Project     
    Happy June, MVC fam! We are so proud to share that we are celebrating Pride Month all through June, and when you pop into the clinic you won’t miss our fabulous Pride décor. We have turned our rainbow colours up all around the office with multi-coloured bunting and rainbows galore. While splashy --- Read more
  • Celebrate Spring with Stella McCartney Eyewear
    Our optical boutique is simply buzzing with newness right now! We are so pleased to share that we have expanded our gorgeous collection of Stella McCartney eyeglasses and sunglasses frames. They are super-fresh for spring but timeless enough to last the test of time. The Stella McCartney eyewear --- Read more
  • Celebrating Asian Heritage Month 2022
    The Merivale Vision Care family strongly believes in equity for everyone, and we love learning how people from all walks of life celebrate their culture. Asian Heritage Month is all May long, and to celebrate we would like to shine the light on important and informative resources and businesses --- Read more