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  • Feeling Foggy? 4 Ways to Combat our (Un)Fave 2020 Problem: Foggy Lenses
    Are you feeling super foggy these days? I mean literally foggy? One of the un-fun side effects of this less than ideal year we call 2020 is the constant nuisance of having the lenses in our glasses fog up whenever we don a mask. We have 4 options to help you combat this problem and nope, they’re --- Read more
  • See Clearly this Halloween with your Second Pair
    Hi Friends! If you’re coming to see us for some new glasses listen up. We have an amazing second pair offer happening at the moment. When you purchase your new glasses, you can choose a second pair from our curated selection of frames and receive your second pair at $200 flat for progressives --- Read more
  • Timeless Luxury: The Cartier Collection
    Hello, all! Welcome back to another post! We are so excited to share with you that here at Wellington Vision Care, we are the only optical boutique in the city of Ottawa to carry the Cartier eyeglass and sunglass collection. We are so proud to introduce this stunning, luxurious collection, and we --- Read more
  • World Sight Day!
    Did you know that almost 300 million people in the world live with either low vision or blindness?--- Read more
  • Let’s Shop!
    Welcome back to the blog, friends! This week we are taking a little break from the heaviness of these extraordinary times to focus on something extremely important: shopping! We have received some gorgeous new fall collections, so we just had to share. With the arrival of fall comes the inspiration --- Read more
  • Back-Packing Party for the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa
    Hot on the trail of our last post, this one comes to you today short and sweet. We wanted to share our time at the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BCGO) this past weekend with you so you could see our back-pack filling party! Volunteers from our team got together over the weekend to assemble the --- Read more
  • Guess How Much We Raised for BGCO!
    Here at MVC and our sister location Wellington Vision Care, we are so proud to share that we support The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa (BGOC). Did you know that the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa has more than 100,000 visits per year, and has been helping at-risk youth and children across Ottawa --- Read more
  • kids optometrist OttawaEye See… Eye Learn
    Hi Friends! Back to school is just around the corner, so it’s a great time to think about your child’s eye health so they can see their best while learning and playing hard. At Merivale Vision Care, we participate in an awesome – and important – program for eyeglasses for your child. --- Read more
  • MiYOSMART Lenses and Myopia Control
    Hi Friends, welcome back to another segment with Merivale Vision Care. We are so proud to share that we can now prescribe, fit, and dispense the new MiYOSMART Lenses from Hoya Vision. The MiYOSMART lens product is designed particularly for managing near-sightedness (or myopia) in children and can --- Read more
  • eyelid twitchGot A Twitch?
    Have you ever experienced an annoying eyelid twitch that won’t go away? To make matters worse, have you ever noticed that the twitch always appears at the most inconvenient times? Luckily, eyelid twitches are typically not an emergency and will resolve on its own. The eyelid muscle fibres are --- Read more
  • The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa Has Our Support!
    In case you missed it, for the months of July and August, we have made it our mission to raise funds for The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa. How are we doing it at MVC and WVC? For every single purchase of eyewear, we will donate $10 from each pair sold!  We reached out to The Boys and Girls Club of --- Read more
  • It’s Time To Give Back – MVC Style!
    It’s been so nice to see all our favourite faces at both MVC and WVC even if it’s with social distancing. Now that we have gotten back into the swings of things, we are ready to do what we love – give back to the community!  For the month of July and August, for every pair of --- Read more
  • eye care ontarioOntario Eye Care Needs Your Help!
    ACTION REQUIRED Please read the following message from the Ontario Association of Optometrists: “Optometrists are proud to deliver high quality and accessible eye care — but eye care in Ontario is at serious risk right now. Everyone knows how badly COVID-19 has strained our health care --- Read more
  • An Update: Our New Normal
    From all of us at MVC, WVT and OVT, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support. This has been an exceptionally challenging time for health care and our small businesses. Over the past several weeks, we prepared our clinic in order to re-open for routine care. We have missed you --- Read more
  • We’re back! The New Patient Journey
    We are so excited to announce that the clinic is re-opened to the public again! We have spent weeks preparing our clinic and training our staff for our reopening with your health and safety in mind.  We truly look forward to welcoming our patients back! Here --- Read more