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  • Start 2020 Off Right – Recycle!
    Happy 2020 everyone! The ball has dropped, new year’s resolutions have been made and it’s time for you to do great things! Maybe recycling more isn’t something that was on your resolution list but certainly, you can add that to your list. Let us show you how!  Bausch & Lomb has teamed up --- Read more
  • WVC Is Open For Business!
    We are so happy to announce that Wellington Vision Care is open for business! Located in the heart of Wellington West, you can expect the same personalized and friendly care that you receive at our Merivale Vision Care location.  WVC is a fresh and modern boutique setting filled with a curated --- Read more
  • See Everything While On Vacation!
    The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with the holidays comes plenty of travel. There is nothing worse than going on vacation and forgetting extra contact lenses, losing sunglasses or breaking your glasses. You need to be able to see to enjoy your getaway to the max! Without further adieu, --- Read more
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Part 2
    We are back with part 2 of our 2019 holiday gift guide! We selected some amazing local businesses that we love and found some cool gift ideas for your loved ones.  Shop Tallow (358 Richmond Rd)  For the stylish person on your list, choose a warm stylish scarf from Shop Tallow. --- Read more
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2019 Part 1
    Winter season has arrived, maybe a bit too early, but it definitely puts us in the holiday spirit! If you’re looking to do a bit of holiday shopping, then why not pick up some gifts for your spectacle-wearing loved ones!  Here are our top 5 best sellers at MVC that are either amazing --- Read more
  • Let Us Help You!
    Hello, friends! Tracey here, your friendly neighbourhood Registered Optician from Merivale Vision Care. I’m here to share some helpful tips on what not to use (and what to use when in a real pinch) for at home repairs in case your glasses have an accident at home. We know it can feel frightening if --- Read more
  • 10 Fast Facts about Laser Eye Surgery
    Are you wondering: Am I a candidate for laser eye surgery? Is it worth it? Read on for 10 fast facts about laser eye surgery and find out which celebrity recently had corrective eye surgery!  10. You are awake during laser eye surgery and it takes less than 10 minutes per eye to perform --- Read more
  • Students Add Status to MVC!
    At Merivale Vision Care we pride ourselves on having a team that keeps up with the most current information, technology, and practices relevant to our field of eye care. Education is definitely one of our core values here. When you visit Merivale Vision Care you can be sure you are working with --- Read more
  • Fall Trunk Show 2019
    Fall is here! Time to take out those cozy sweaters, pack up those flip flops and grab a pumpkin spice latte. Here at Merivale Vision Care we are always excited for fall to come around because that means it is trunk show time!  This year we will be hosting Kering which boasts incredible --- Read more
  • Superflex Frames for Super Cool Kids
    I’m going to let you in on a little secret we have here at Merivale Vision Care. Lean in parents and caregivers, this one is for you! We have an amazing and extensive collection of awesome frames for super cool kids at a great price! Our Superflex Kids collection offers a huge variety of styles in --- Read more
  • Second Pair Style-Up Event – One Week Only!
    We are so excited to announce that we are hosting our Second Pair Style-Up Event here at Merivale Vision Care, and the frames included this event will knock your socks off! They are incredibly beautiful, and we have something for everyone in the offer. When you stop by from September 9th to --- Read more
  • Celebrities Need Eye Exams Too!
    Eye exams are such an important part of our daily lives and celebrities need them too! Read on to find out which celebrities have unique eye conditions.      Mila Kunis  If you’re old enough, you may remember her from the hit TV show, That 70’s Show, or other blockbusters like Black Swan --- Read more
  • Can You Keep A Secret?
    So you want to hear a little secret? You came to the right place!     We are opening a second location in Wellington West! We absolutely love providing excellent vision and service to our family at Merivale Vision Care, but we want to reach out even further in Ottawa. This --- Read more
  • Back To School Savings!
    Fingers crossed that summer is here to stay, but you know that August sets us into high gear to get ourselves organized for the school year!   Are your eyes and eyewear due for a back-to-school check-up? It’s always a good idea to make sure that you and your loved ones are seeing as --- Read more
  • Always Be My Frames!
    It seems lately that movies have been a huge source of eyewear inspiration in our office. Ali Wong (just like Elton John) has just been doing it right when it comes to bold and amazing eyewear style. We were spellbound by the collection of eyeglass frames Ali Wong wore in her recent Netflix film --- Read more