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  • March Break with Maui Jim
    Here we are! We have finally arrived at March Break, and spring is right around the corner! For many of us, March Break includes a vacation away somewhere warm. However, if you’re like me and a vacay is not in the cards, then read on! Here at Merivale Vision Care you can experience the next best --- Read more
  • Celebrate Women’s Day at MVC!
    This Friday you can catch all of us at MVC wearing purple. Why? It’s International Women’s Day! We are proud to be a local Ottawa business run by women. There’s nothing better than building a strong community of women who support each other. Today we want to highlight and give thanks to some of the --- Read more
  • The Top Eyewear and Sunglasses Trends for 2019
    If there’s one thing that all style mavens have in common – on point eyewear is the first common denominator that comes to mind. At least, for us anyway. Maybe street style stars love wearing sunnies because it means they can judge other people’s outfits in secret, or maybe it simply ups --- Read more
  • February Favourites
    I get the sense that we are feeling buried in winter these days, literally (six foot snow banks), and figuratively (will it ever be spring???). Let’s bust out of the rut and refresh! Change up our eyewear and pretend it’s already summer by wearing our sunglasses ALL THE TIME. Seriously though, --- Read more
  • Eyes on Heart Month
    One of the coolest things about the human body is its complexity, and how different parts of our body are more directly connected to each other than ever thought before. Think about your eyes and your heart.   At first glance, not two (or rather three!) organs you’d think would be closely related. --- Read more
  • Sustainability is So Hot Right Now: Recycling Frames and Contacts Packaging
    Hating on plastic is so hot right now. But aside from sustainability being on trend, there actually is a reason why scientists and governments worldwide are finally starting to make moves in eradicating plastic from our daily lives. You’ve likely heard the seriously scary statistics about plastic --- Read more
  • Dry Eye in the Winter
    There’s nothing more enjoyable then sitting in your car waiting for it to defrost in –30 C weather with the heat blasting in your face. Am I right? Your eyes start to burn and feel like fire. You park your car and everything takes a drastic turn because your eyes start weeping once you step foot --- Read more
  • Winter Savings!
    Happy new year! We are coming in hot this winter season with an amazing promotion to get you through the winter blues. Read on to find out how you can treat your eyes better this year!   Now that the holiday season has come to an end, it’s officially time to get back to the daily grind. (Boo!) --- Read more
  • Best of Merivale Vision Care in 2018
    Nothing says the end of the year like a roundup post. Our 2018 has been full of fun changes, accomplishments, and great events, so we thought this type of post was a fun way to look back on a great year. And while a lot of our achievements this past year have been thanks to the hard work and --- Read more
  • Hello End of Year Promotions!
    With the end of the year creeping up on us it’s time to finish our to-do’s from 2018. Have you been meaning to change your glasses or pick up a pair of sunglasses for your holiday travels?  We have a pretty awesome end of the year promo that will help check off your final to-dos when it comes --- Read more
  • Holiday Gift Guide Part 2
    Welcome back to Part 2 of our Holiday Gift Guide! We’ve got a couple more ideas for your festive shopping adventures from our store and other local small businesses!    If you’re tired of toys and onesies for the wee ones in your life then how about picking up something functional and fabulous? At --- Read more
  • Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Part 1
    We’ve been teaming up with some of our best pals in Ottawa to help you with your holiday shopping! Keep reading for Part 1 of our fave picks for this holiday season from small local businesses in Ottawa!  At MVC we are always on the lookout for the best and coolest products! Need some ideas for --- Read more
  • Don’t Ignore Your Sunnies This Winter!
    Are you one of those people who puts away their sunnies once there’s snow on the ground? Don’t be! Our eyes need even more protection during the winter months because of the bright reflection of the UV rays off the snow.   Also – we like to think that wearing sunglasses can easily trick --- Read more
  • Diabetes Changed My Vision!
    Fact or fiction – your vision can change from uncontrolled diabetes? Fact! Well, what does diabetes have to do with my eyes anyway? Let us tell you a little story.    Once upon a time, there was a lovely man named Bob. Bob never needed glasses to drive because he could see the distance nice --- Read more
  • We Had A Party! Trunk Show Recap
    We threw a party last week for all of our wonderful clients! Twice a year, we host a trunk show with some of our favourite brands so that our clients can get spoiled with full collections of specialty eyewear at their fingertips.   This season, we introduced some amazing Montreal based brands --- Read more